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Rubber-Stamp-Lore choix Vert.png
Taxonomic Amber
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Main Ecosystem(s) Kitin's Lair of Almati Wood
Aggressive No
Counterattack type To complete

The topha (known as tooptez in the Prime Roots) is not a true plant but a feather-plant that, in the Kitins' Lair, can be targeted and killed (at least for some of them). Killing these is part of the Medic and Scrollmaker occupations.

It appears in three variants, that can be seen below. These are, from left to right:

  • Toopetz Gret appear in the Entry room, the west side of the Cattle Room and the south side of the Prime Eggs Room. They are needed at grade 1, grade 2 and grade 4.
  • Toopetz Dual appear in the east side of the Cattle Room. They are needed at grade 3 and grade 6.
  • Toopetz Try appear in the north side of the Prime Eggs Room. They are needed at grade 5.

The three variants of topha (aka toopetz)

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