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Taxonomic Amber
Kingdom Animals
Category Kitin
Main Ecosystem(s) All Regions
Attack type Pierce & Electric

This kitin hunter is recognizable by its huge mandibles and small abdomen and dorsal excrescence. The kincher precedes other kitins into unknown territory to pinpoint precious resources. Munches and analyzes everything in its path, selecting and marking the best materials. This kitin fighter occurs all over Atys.[1]

Main Details

  • Naturally Immune to Acid magic, Slow Movement, Slow Attack and Stun.
  • Highly resistant to Rot Magic.
  • Partially resistant to all other forms of elemental magic.
  • Can discharge electricity when attacked.
Anomaly Anomaly.
The electric attack unleashed by kinchers can be countered with Melee Protection Aura.

Valued Resources

Kinchers, when killed, can be quartered for:

Icon Material Uses
Stings Blade, Point,
Shells Barrel, Armor Shell,
Mandibles Shaft, Ammo Bullet,
Secretion Explosive, Stuffing,
Tails Firing Pin, Armor Clip,
Flesh Mission material.

Hierarchy of Species

Level Name
248 Great Kincher
238 Killer Kincher
228 Lacerating Kincher
218 Gruesome Kincher
199 Awesome Kincher
189 Mighty Kincher
179 Incensed Kincher
169 Nettled Kincher
157 Hungry Kincher
147 Veteran Kincher
136 Master Kincher
126 Dreaded Kincher

Exceptional Specimens

Name Type level Materials Location
Chaghan Named 210 Excellent Bounty Beaches
Cherkin Named 210 Excellent Dunes of Exile
Kinitch Named 210 Excellent Heretic's Hovel
Daï-den Named 260 Excellent Void
Gerder Named 260 Excellent Lagoons of Loria
Rippa Named 260 Excellent Abyss of Ichor
Rippa Named 260 Excellent Forbidden Depths
Rippa Named 260 Excellent Land of Continuity
Death Kincher Named 160 Choice Fount
Demolisher Kincher Named 160 Choice Haven of Purity
Slayer Kincher Named 160 Choice Sawdust Mines
Slayer Kincher Named 210 Choice Dunes of Exile
Destroyer Kincher Named 210 Choice Hidden Source
Kincherkan Boss 170 Supreme Fount
Matis Exterminator Boss 280 Supreme Upper Bog

Cherkin leading a pack of Kipucka into combat.
This named kincher can be found in Dunes of Exile, where it preys on the unwary. Its build and appearance does not differ much from the other specimen of kincher to be found in the Desert. It is most feared by the many diggers in the immediate area of Dyron.
This Kincher is involved in the Kincher Rite of the encyclopedia.
The Matis Exterminator
Matis Exterminator
The Matis Exterminator is a powerful level 280 kincher, which can be found in the Upper Bog, Verdant Heights. It can only be seen during kitin invasions. When killed the Matis Exterminator drops a special token which can be used to earn a Matis Guardian title. In addition to the token, it can also be quartered for Supreme grade, q250 materials.
There are three kinchers sharing the same name wandering the depths of Atys ( Abyss of Ichor, Forbidden Depths and Land of Continuity, Wastelands)

Contaminated Specimens

In recent years, Kincher infected by the Goo have been seen in the Witherings.

Level Name
248 Lethal Kincher

Other Information

Unlike most other animals and kitin, kinchers can spot enemies from 30 meters away, making them harder to sneak past than other aggressive creatures.

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