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Taxonomic Amber
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Main Ecosystem(s) Forest
Attack type Pierce

sidusar - March 31st, 2007 (http://forums.ryzom.com/showthread.php?t=29448)

Kipuckers are invasion kitin, usually you only see them during invasions. Same with the "Overlord", "Great Overlord", those are invasion kitin adjectives. There are also Great Overlord Kipee, Great Overlord Kirosta, Great Overlord Kincher and so on.

The Kipucker are a little odd though, all the other invasion kitin have their regular names. I have no idea why the invasion Kipucka have to be 'Kipucker'.

In either case, for some reason all the Kipucka in GoC have been replaced with Kipucker. They're the same as normal Kipucka except that they have half as much health and give half as much experience. Because of the half health, they're actually nicely easy to nuke before they can reach you.

Main Details

Valued Resources

Kipucker, when killed, can not be quartered for any craftable materials. They can be quartered for:

  • Kitin Claws
  • Kitin Secretion

Both are mission materials which could be used during an invasion event long ago, but can no longer be used now.

Hierarchy of Species

Level Name
245 Elite Overlord Kipucker
235 Great Overlord Kipucker
225 Power Overlord Kipucker
215 Overlord Kipucker

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