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The Matis Exterminator

The Exterminator Kitin were bosses that appeared twice during kitin invasion events. First during Halloween 2007, then again in the summer of 2009.

One appeared for each of the 4 homin races, each in the continent inhabited by that race. They were extremely powerful and required usually dozens of homins to bring down. When killed, they would drop a number of Exterminator tokens, which can be handed in to receive the Guardian titles. They would also drop normal Q250 Supreme materials of their species.

Though the Exterminators have not appeared since August 2009, a number of tokens still circulates on the server, and can still be handed in for the titles. These tokens were also handed out as prizes for the races that took place in the summer of 2010.

Matis Exterminator

The Matis Exterminator was a Kincher. It could be found in Upper Bog, Verdant Heights. The tokens from it can be used to earn the Matis Guardian title.

Zoraï Exterminator

The Zoraï Exterminator was a Kipucka. It could be found in Knoll of Dissent, Witherings. The tokens from it can be used to earn the Zoraï Guardian title.

Tryker Exterminator

The Tryker Exterminator was a Kirosta. It could be found in Enchanted Isle, Aeden Aqueous. The tokens from it can be used to earn the Tryker Guardian title.

Fyros Exterminator

The Fyros Exterminator was a Kinrey. It could be found in Scorched Corridor, Burning Desert. The tokens from it can be used to earn the Fyros Guardian title.

The Fyros Exterminator was unusual in that it didn't have the magic protections Kinreys usually have.