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General description [1]

The encyclopedia is like a library, summarizing the knowledge you collect on Atys about resources, creatures, history or tribes. It consists of Themes, grouped into albums, each volume of which covers several subjects.

The first access to the encyclopaedia is by encountering the Sage of the Capital where one arrives after the instruction on Silan: The city welcomer of the latter, or rather the tour guide, includes an encounter with the sage in the mission he proposes.

  • Each theme of the encyclopedia corresponds to an amber cube.
  • Completion of this theme is rewarded with a small additional ability for the character.
  • Each cube requires usually the completion of 3 or 4 ordinary missions as a prerequisite for the passage of a final rite.
WARNING!': Rite initiator missions can only be taken under certain conditions, including Fame[2]. It is thus strongly advised to acquire the available cubes before choosing a citizenship or a faction [3].
Remarks :
  • For "harvesting" rites, mission MPs can be drilled in any country.
  • Crafting missions can be done in groups, the mission is not necessarily credited to the one who makes, but to the one who delivers the finished product.
  • When the materials requested are exchangeable, i.e. "not mission materials", an experienced driller can also assist you.

Discovering the Wisdom Chest

You are about to discover the tradition of the cubes of amber and the chest of wisdom.

Welcome, %s. I do like to get to know my patrons. I make it a point of honor to quench a thirst, and the same goes for a thirst of knowledge too. Let me tell ya...

I heard you're a bit of an adventurer, we need homins like you to rebuild our civilization, and recover what we lost! But remember, if you wanna carry out the most prestigious duties, you'll have to find out more about the world in which we live...

...and learn about the past triumphs and tragedies that have brought us all here. You can acquire this precious knowledge by collecting the amber cubes of the chest of wisdom.

The intendant of the city will tell you more about the cubes and the chest, go and see him on my behalf.

We'll be seeing each other again, %s, because I'm a fellow keeper of knowledge myself. And if you prove worthy, I'll be only too happy to pass it on to you, like a heritage album, eh.
So you'd like to find out more about the world, eh? Well, %s, there's a price to pay for such knowledge, you know?!

Only trustworthy homins keen to progress may receive amber cubes from the initiated few.

To prove their valor and determination, each homin must undergo a rite of passage or carry out an important mission. The deserving homin will then receive a cube of amber, and learn special techniques or gain a particular privilege.

Before they undertake any rites, homins have to prove their attachment to their community. According to custom, homins must accomplish tasks given by members of the community. These tasks, called ritual tasks, may consist of crafting exercises, fighting, foraging or exploration.

Initiated homins are always happy to meet homins seeking to follow the path of knowledge. We are always willing to give you an amber cube as encouragement. To obtain this cube, you won't need to undergo any rites. On the other hand, so as to respect tradition, it would be appreciated if you could accomplish a task for our people.

Go and find %s. He'll propose you a number of tasks, choose the one that suits you best. If you choose wisely, the task you are to accomplish will also be a rite task, linked to a trial of another initiated fellow. In this way you will not only progress in the mission I propose to you, but also in the preparation of another rite.
Well done, %s! Few homins understand that knowledge is a veritable treasure worth fighting for. And though there may be sacrifices to be made, knowledge will bring great force to those who prove worthy of it.

I perceive an unshakeable will in you, I've no doubt you will be equal to the trials that lay before you! If you are, it could well be I who shall give you your reward.

Time has come for you to receive your amber cube. The reverend fellow %s, sage of %s, will present it to you. See you again, homin!
Greetings to you, homin. So you want to know more about the chest of wisdom, eh?

Well, the chest is the sum of our knowledge, it is the great receptacle that stores the cubes of amber.

The magic of the cubes was discovered by homins a long long time ago while they were looking for a way to preserve their knowledge from the trials of time and fire. They learnt to fashion the amber and enclose the knowledge inside like a insect trapped in resin.

Any homin eager to build up their knowledge must receive or find amber cubes. If %s sent you to me, it means you are one of these homins in search of knowledge.

Like other initiated homins, my occupation has made me the possessor of many cubes. I share these cubes with those who pass the trials set by the initiated few. Indeed, knowledge is a precious thing and we must be careful it doesn't fall into unworthy hands.

If you want to know more about these trials, you must meet the town guard chief. Tell him I sent you. I wish you good fortune in your quest of wisdom, %s.
I presume you've already met some other initiated fellows... You have proven your eagerness to explore the avenues of knowledge and I congratulate you.

As guardian of the knowledge of the %s, it is my honor to give you this cube as a token of what you have learnt today.

Good luck, %s, may you find the pathway to wisdom!

The Cubes List

links direct to Encyclopedia, sub-pages, not to the main ones.

You will find below the list of themes that are fully or partially available "in game". The complete list of the originally planned themes (341!) is given in the subpage Encyclopedia/Themes. It is unlikely that the programme will ever be completed due to the amount of work involved. The category gathers the pages about the "Amber Cubes" as well as the original texts of the encyclopedia (chronicles), whether or not they are available in game.

Accessible and unfinished cubes

Some themes have their text written down, even if the missions have not been programmed, others only include preparatory missions... The sign in the "IG" column indicates that the cube can be obtained in-game; others only include preparatory missions.

Librarian notes :
Red links should be created first as it is useful in game. Please keep an consistent and homogeneous layout; Majestic Garden can be used as a template. All pages should be categorized "[[Category:Encyclopedia]]
Album Theme IG Chronicle
The Chest of Wisdom Amber Cubes
The Geography of Atys Cities of Intuition
Majestic Garden
Fleeting Garden
Imperial Dunes
Liberty Lake
Dew Drops
Winds of Muse
Homin Crafts Melee weapons
Range weapons and ammo
Armor and shields
Tribes of Atys The Matisian Border Guards
The Corsairs
The Shadow Runners
The Water Breakers
The Barkers
Natural Resources of Atys Food
Wood nodes
Zoraïs and jungle materials
Trykers and lake materials
The Creatures of Atys Bawaab
The Kitins Kincher
Kitins on the Tryker continent
Kitins on the Fyros continent
Kitin Story 2
The Kamis Kamis and Fyros
Kamis and Trykers
The Karavan Karavan Story 1
Karavan Story 2
Karavan and Fyros
Karavan and the tribes
The Matis Matis History: Exile in the Prime Roots
Matis History: New Beginning
The Zoraïs Zoraï Culture: Religion
Zoraï History: New Beginning
The Fyros Fyros History: New Beginning
Fyros Story 2
The Trykers Tryker Story 3
Tryker History: New Beginning
Trykers and Zoraïs

Complements to this page:

  1. translation of the German page
  2. At least 34 (or 38 depending on the rite) fame in the civilization where you are doing the rite. For rites concerning tribes, you must have positive fame for the relevant tribe.
  3. (except that of the Rangers which keeps the neutrality)