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Elyps (or sometimes elypses) are a role-play term to call your character involvement with other homins. You rise your social credit (gain Elyps) towards others and you can use that reputation (spend Elyps) to get various services from some homins (mostly merchant NPC). It is a form of currency, a role-play alternative to PvP and nation/faction points. It was called Involvement in the past.

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What are Elyps ?

Elyps are a virtual currency (they don't exist in the inventory, but their quantity is displayed in the special bag) used to purchase items or services from NPCs. Think of Elyps as timeellipses which enable your character to perform long actions in a very short space of time.

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What can we do with it?

Some NPCs will ask you to do them a favor in exchange for sap crystals, catalysts or generic materials. You won't have to do any missions, as Elyps will let you do them in a flash. You can also reduce your death penalty by using Elyps. Numerous other services are available, such as naming and managing pets, engraving allegories (and obtaining Roleplay tags), etc.

How can I get Elyps?

The two main ways to earn Elyps are through dynamic events and daily missions.

How to gain?

Additional Daily mission reward choices
Additional Daily mission reward choices

To see how high your Elyps is, see a merchant window or open your character Identity profile (press P) and switch to Advanced stats tab. Click the refresh icon at bottom right to update. There exists several ways how you can rise your "social credit", gain Elyps:

Wiki volunteers find rewards in their special bags, which can be converted into Elyps.

Guild Elyps

You can donate elyps to your guild, which are used on guild islands.

Note: once you've got 999 guild elyps, you can't have more - that's the maximum. The line reappears as soon as you have less than 999.

What can you buy?

Some services offered for Elyps
Some services offered for Elyps

Each NPC that offers any services payable with this currency is marked with Elyps icons by his/her name. There are several services how you can use your reputation, pay with Elyps.

Custom animal name

There are several services related to your animals you can use by spending Elyps. These services are available by a Stable boy in each capital city or Marauder camp and will register your mount, packer or zig (pet) by the National Registry (role-play name for custom names database). We need to check prices

  • Register one of your animals with custom name of your choice for 2,577 Elyps
  • Register one of your animals under your name for 100 Elyps
  • Register one of your animals under random name for 50 Elyps
  • Choose a title (ThisHomin's Zig, Faithful companion...)
  • Remove name of one of your animals for 50 Elyps

RP Tags (roleplay)

For Fyros, Matis, Tryker, Zorai, Kami, Karavan, Marauder and Ranger.

  • In order for your character to wear these tags, you must wear an earring jewel and use Elyps to have the Allegory engraved[1] engraved on it by the merchants of your nation or faction.
  • Hang or remove the jewel to display or hide the RP tags.
  • These tags can only be displayed when you are in PvP (player vs. player) mode (2)[2].
  • You can show or hide these tags whenever you want. If you hide them, only the current PvP tag (the one with two crossed swords) will be displayed.

Recent changes

Elyps are part of the Storyline project and being actively developed.

Notes, links

  1. To better understand how allegories work and where they come from, you can talk to Zin Di-Dao at the Kitin's Lair and start a series of rumours.
  2. For reasons of role-play logic, these RP tags are only displayed when you have activated your PvP tag. Indeed, your character being considered, RP speaking, as a flesh and blood homin, he cannot be invulnerable to the attacks of other homins. This is not contrary to "pacifist" role-playing (no player in PvP mode is obliged to attack), but simply reflects the physical vulnerability of the character whose role you play. When you display an RP tag (nation, faction, organization, or other), it simply replaces the usual "HRP" PvP tag (the one with two crossed swords). This makes it easy to distinguish between HRP players who simply want to fight in PvP and RP players who accept their character's physical vulnerability.