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Notes: (Dorothée, 2021-05-21)

Patch InfoBox
Patch 00831
Date May 05, 2020
Build Client v8927 / Data v1994 - Server v1308 / Data v4056
Version 3.6.0-v8927
Previous Patch 00813
Next Patch 00832

Patch 831 - Client v8927 / Data v1994 - Server v1308 / Data v4056 [1]
A patch of the client, data and servers as well as a restart of the game server are scheduled on May 5th, 2020 to implement the following changes, additions and fixes :


  • Fix: Sound cuts during loading.
  • Fix: Fixed client crash when changing character.

Changes in the Storyline

  • Add: Setting up scientist camps in the Nexus
  • Change: Modifications to the surface of the Nexus following the 2608 tremors.
  • Change: Relocation of teleporters in the Nexus.

The Ryzom team remains at your disposal for any further information, and wishes you all the best!

The Ryzom Team

  1. No ref, unpublished