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Reference text ( Maintained text, used as reference ) :
Notes: (Dorothée, 2021-12-03)

 Storyline is a framework for the development and animation of the game. It encompasses the evolution of the Lore, role-playing events, the Forge (technical aspects), gameplay, user interface, documentation and internal and external communication. In other words, with the Storyline, the Ryzom team reverts to the working methods of its origins.

  The Storyline relies on recent developments such as "dynamic events" (programmed with ARK, then launched manually or automatically), puzzles, graphics, geographical or architectural improvements, as well as on the dynamism and imagination of its animators.

  The periods of development and releases are first grouped into Seasons, each representing a part of history. Each season is divided into episodes which result, for the players, in a set of role-playing events, rewarded or not, and a certain number of tasks, missions to be accomplished normally before the next episode. The objects, missions or other permanent rites that will have been introduced during the episode remain after its conclusion.

Categorization :
The pages and possibly categories that will have a direct or indirect relationship with this framework will be categorized as follows:

Category:Storyline: transversal category, which is categorized as Category:Ryzom, the game. It contains ONLY categories except the pages that modify the Storyline itself.
Category:Storyline_Season_1 : all the episodes of the Season in the text of the page and the name of the season (for searches) and:
Forge: the individual Patches,
Forge: Modified pages
RP [Note 1]: Modified pages (here Nexus)
RP: Dates (2608),
RP: Lore pages (chronicles),
GP[Note 2]: the Storyline Events already created by Jenn,
GP: user interface,
and so on ...
  • Remark 1 : If it turns out that a page is modified every season (Elyps?), it will have to be re-categorized directly in Category:Storyline.
  • Remark 2: [To be continued ], mentioned in the relevant pages means that, as the season is not over, further modifications are still possible.

  1. Roleplay
  2. Gameplay, how to play,