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Reference text ( Maintained text, used as reference ) :
Notes: (Dorothée, 2020-04-16)

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Big 2019 changes

Ryzom Chat (, Facebook and Twitter

To learn more about upcoming additions: Patch_2019/Forge_Reports#Oct_28th_2019 and Patch_2019/Forge_Reports#2019_Sept.

Late 2019 - JA 2606

Daily missions (December 2,2019)

Daily Missions main window

Basic principle

Every day, you have the opportunity to carry out seven missions in the order of your choice, randomly selected from all the "Task" missions and/or "Occupation product donation" missions.A filtering option allows you to restrict the select-able missions according to the fames that you do not want to lower or raise.You also have the option of completing only certain types of missions, but de-selecting missions may have an impact on your final gain.You can abandon a mission at any time if you do not want to do it or do it later. However, this one is not replaced by another and will remain in the list of missions proposed for today. At the moment, Prime Roots missions are not available (who said "fiuuu!"?)

Filtering options

Four filtering options are available:

  • Filtering of the area in which to perform each type of mission:
    Select here the level of the area (50 --> 250) in which you want to perform each type of mission (craft, forage, combat, exploration). If you choose the "None" option, then no mission of this kind will be offered to you.
[Note] Selecting only one type of mission will reduce the reward.
  • Filtering of fame that should not decrease:
    Here, you have the option to apply a filter to remove from the list those missions that would cause you to lose some of your fame. Thus, a Ranger should check all the boxes in the "Fame that you do not want to decrease" line.
    Filters window
  • Filtering of fame that should not increase:
    Here, you have an option to apply filter to remove from the list those missions that would cause you or win some fame. Thus, a Marauder should check all the boxes in the "Fame that you do not want to increase" line.
  • Filtering of occupations:
    Filter here which occupations can be offered to you. If you choose all of them, a maximum of four occupation missions can be randomly selected. Choosing all occupations considerably increases the reward.
[Note] Occupation missions do not require that you have the occupation active but only occupation products to give, including those obtained by exchange or purchase.
The rewards

For each completed mission, you will be able to choose from three possible rewards:

  • Dappers
  • Involvement (Elyps)
  • Choice tokens for the wheel

You can choose if you wish a different reward for each completed mission. The more daily missions you complete, the higher the reward rate will be.

From Involvement to Elyps (patch 764 2019/12/22)

For some time now, you can earn Involvementpoints during dynamic events (DE). Other rewards will soon be added to those you already earn from official merchants (Imperial of Pyr, Royal of Yrkanis, Federal of Fairhaven, Dynastic of Zora and Marauder of the Camp).

Currency reform

The numbers of Involvement points distributed so far are very high ones, to the extent that we noticed players have now some difficulty to read them. That is the reason why the introduction of these new rewards will be coupled with a semblance of “currency reform”. Namely:

  • The number of Involvement points accumulated by each player character since the dynamic events were brought in game will be reduced to the hundredth of the current number;
  • The number of Involvement points distributed during a dynamic event will now be lower and will also depend on the nature of the said event;
  • The unit price in points of Involvement of rewards acquired from an official merchant will now also be divided by 100, thus exactly offsetting the loss mentioned above.
  • In order to make this reduction in the price of rewards arithmetically possible, official merchants will no longer sell their items by the piece, but in batches. Thus:
  • Generic raw materials and experience catalysers will now be offered for sale in 999 unit batches (i.e. a complete pack in Bag);
  • The sap crystals will now be offered for sale in 100 unit batches.
Nature of the new rewards

To start (other rewards will be added later), the Involvement points will allow their owners to get, in addition to the rewards already available:

  • From their official merchant, the reduction of the remainder of their death penalty by 25, 50, 75 or 100%;
  • From a groom in a capital city (or Marauder Camp), the (re)naming of their animals (mount, packer or Zig) with their own name, a random name or a name of their choice.
  • The cost in points of Involvement of this (re)naming (said “inscription in the register” in game) of an animal under a name chosen by its owner will first (at the moment this new reward will be introduced in game) be particularly high for all interested owners, but will decrease regularly thereafter, down to a stable, definitive cost.
About Involvement

These changes are for us an opportunity to clarify (or recall) the meaning of the Involvement points, or, more accurately, their inclusion in roleplaying and their interpretation by the Lore.In the same way that the dappers paid to New Horizons allow everyone to travel from one city to another in a few seconds thanks to a “time ellipsis”, the Involvement points allow actions that are usually time-consuming to perform in a few seconds.Therefore, they can be seen as units of suspended time allowing their owner to perform in a flash various and varied tasks, such as:

  • Carry out missions on behalf of a nation or organization represented by its official merchant, missions whose success is, as usual, rewarded;
  • Perform the actions usually required to reduce (until extinction) one's death penalty.

It is therefore this interpretation that allows us to imagine, as “rewards” provided by the Involvement points, a wide range of new activities and capabilities...And leads us to rename the said "point": it becomes the Elyps!

Patch 750

Saint Ulu Kyn
25/26 Sept 2019: Ulu works. Announce on the forum.
  • first phase of the migration of the game server to a new, more efficient machine.
  • Resolved the Friday, 27th (2pm French time): API not yet migrated => small gap between the atysian time and bm.
  • Removal of the 15-year-old island
  • Corrections: Nexus map is the right one, the underwear came back...

2019-5-18 Ryzom's 15 Years Celebration see in short:
  • New visual elements for the Island
  • New rewards
  • Added display item buffs and enchant info directly on icon
  • Added target closest landmark command (/lmtar)
  • Added set compass to target mode after successful /tar command
  • ingame browser improvements
  • Updated info behavior for healed sap and stamina
  • Updated unknown tribe fame visuals
  • Updated missions icons to be distinct but not confusing with nations backgrounds

Patch - 2019-06-26

Various balancing of classic missions:

  • Reduction of the loss of reputation per mission for non-marauders.
  • Addition of a maximum limit of fame that can be won or lost per mission.
  • Correction of waiting times to resume a completed mission.
  • Enhancement of classic craft missions.
A much lighter package
Changes to upgrade the "camp tour" missions (Dappers, Nation Points): decrease in the weight of a package, in order to be able to carry out the mission without a Mektoub.

More on

JY 2603 patch

The 21th June Update on official forum Revaluation of the game's missions to expand your fun.

The 28th May Patch 745 is available. Fix the matis<->fyros fame switch and Nexus map.

For US: May, 17th May after 22:00 UTC, and May 18th after midnight CEST. To JY 2603 Documentation (work in progress).

PR flyer JY2603 en600.png

In short (see full message on the official forum), a client, data and server patching and a restart of the game server :


  • new interface for teleportation at Kamis and Karavan altars, Option to automatically rebuy a Kami or Kara pact after a TP (requires max fame)
  • ZIG me up: option to put a Zig in the bag, your Zig can be teleported with you
  • team Invite button in Guild Member List and Friend List
  • welcome message in chat channels


  • Kami and Karavan teleport pacts no longer have weight/bulk in your bag
  • Ryzom installer (new URLs for download, erasing of a profile on MAC or Linux debugged)
  • New fresh backgrounds for icons
  • landmarks stored in XML file instead of ICFG file (meaning editable out of game)
  • new underwear icons (they now show the right color)

This patch also includes the results of the work done on Dynamic Events (DE), New Horizons (NH) and the target command.

  • Dynamic Events: addition of the "Kitin Invasion", "Puzzle" Dynamic Event, a new button in the Map (to display all Dynamic Events, with a new a blue round icon)
  • New Horizons: merger of New Horizons and Brotherhood of the Fortunate Gubani; global limit for "Support Missions" (fame rewards) removed; 1 000 dappers for all (whatever their fame)...
  • Target command now supports keyword search (e.g. for a yubo) as follows:
    • /tar yubo -- no quotes, target closest entity that contains 'yubo' in its name;
    • /tar suckling yubo -- no quotes, target closest entity that contains both 'suckling' and 'yubo' in its name;
    • Order not important, full words not needed '/tar y kling' would be a match. Also /tar "ora" -- with quotes, Will target an entity who's name starts with 'ora', as currently /tar "suckling yubo" -- with quotes, targets an entity who's name starts with 'suckling yubo';
    • some current old macros may need quotes now for short keywords, i.e. 'ora', but existing macros using quotes will continue to work.

Addendum: Evolution of hardware infrastructure

The month of March and the beginning of April were the occasion for a spring cleaning, including:

  • the moving of the billing server to
  • the migration of Ryzom Chat to another server while retaining its URL:
  • the migration of the Yubo server to a new, more powerful machine; it is now dedicated to the tests required by ongoing developments;
  • the installation, identical to that of Yubo, of a new server called Gingo, which hosts the tests for acceptance of completed developments before they are put into operation on Atys; this is the pre-production server whose implementation was long overdue;

The next step in the hardware reconfiguration of the platform will see the migration of Atys, the game server, to new higher performing machine and the confirmation of Gingo as the Atys mirror server facilitating the application of patches and providing a rescue solution in the event of a failure of the latter. The Ryzom Team remains at your disposal for any additional information, and best wishes to you!

More on the official forum

Jena Year 2602 Patch v3.5.0

Flyer1902 EN 600px.png

On the forum Patch 3.5.0 - 2019-02-08

In very very short : a client, data and server patch + a restart of the game server, on February 8th, 2019 :

  • New rewards at Wheel of Fortune
  • Guild Islands
  • Yubokin comes to settle on the island of Silan
  • Change in OP battles: Removal of the neutral status during the battle
  • Ranger Gameplay balance, Marauder Improvments
  • Clients Improvements

As an example of lovely Improvements : UI-Scale for all Clients, let's have a look in System / Configuration / Graphics / General :

It goes from 0.80 to 2.00.

And new Inventory features, with a better quality filter (here, only mats, from q 50 to q 200) FiltreI2019-02-09.png

To Discovery of guild islands, by CraftJenn.

Forge reports

See Patch 2019/Forge Reports.


--CraftJenn, Ranger du Cercle du Bois d'Almati (talk) 10:18, 28 January 2019 (UTC)