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Reference text ( Maintained text, used as reference ) :
Notes: (Amosys, 2019-06-26)

Invisible mount

See a temporary workaround: open pet window, right clic on the invisible toub, select follow me. If this don't work, you can try using macro, on Invisible mount.

Dynamic channels restoration

With the JY 2603 patch a new feature to save and restore dynamic channels was introduced. This functionality allows the character to save and restore his/her dynamic channels to prevent loosing them over server reboot. The list of dynamic channels is saved in a XML file locally on your computer.

Configuration options

You can find two new options of your client configuration, located in Configuration > Interface > Chat. The reason for two following separate settings is that there might be situations you need prevent overwriting your list by your client but keep the restoration functionality, however there is no user-friendly interface how to change client settings without running the client itself. Following configuration options are not enabled by default.

Save Dynamic Channels

This option, when enabled, will cause that your dynamic channels list will be saved in the XML file. Please remember, that this option does not make to save your channels with regular character saving during your gameplay, only in time when you log out or switch your account character.

Restore Dynamic Channels

This option, when enabled, will cause that your client will restore your saved dynamic channels from your list in the local XML file. Please remember that the restoration will be done only when your presence on a dynamic channel is lost due server reboot or in case you manually left the channel. Please see details about the XML file.

Manual channels save

There is also new chat window context menu option to make one time manual save of your currently opened dynamic channels. Right-click on top of your chat window and choose Save.

Local XML file

Your list of saved dynamic channels is stored in a XML file along with your other character settings. The filename is created from your character name as "channels_{character_name}.xml". Please note that this file it not possible to use to manage your currently opened dynamic channels, the list is used only in case of server reboot and/or loss of dynamic channels on server. The XML file will be saved on following locations, depending on your client and used platform:

Ryzom installer default locations These paths are used in case you are using the Ryzom installer to start/manage your Ryzom installation(s). It is the default way for most users.

  • Windows: C:\Users\<login>\AppData\Local\Ryzom\0\save\
  • Linux: ~/.local/share/Ryzom/0/save/
  • MacOS: ~/Library/Application Support/Ryzom/0/save

Stand alone client location Some of users prefer to have stand alone Ryzom installation. In that case all character-related files are stored along with the game installation. <path_to_ryzom_installation>\save\

Important notes

Please remember that when you wish to save a dynamic channel that requires a password to enter, you must save your list right after you join the channel. The channel password stays on server and when you re-log, the client will not be able to read it again.

Please also remember that channel passwords in your local XML files are stored as plain text. Be careful in case you share your settings with someone else.

Source: Ryzom Team.