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Reference text ( Maintained text, used as reference ) :
Notes: (Craftjenn, 2021-02-22)

There are various types of Mektoubs : we can't ride the free Mektoubs but we can hunt them. But we can ride Mount Mektoub (or Gubanis) but no hunt them.
Zig is a new features (a better packer, related to the Guild:Brotherhood of the Fortunate Gubani). The Storyline also makes it possible to have a Nexus Gnoof mount.

Obtain an animal

Window to buy mektoub (down the list) and food for it
  • No mektoub on Silan (camp where any refugee arrives)
  • When arriving on the chosen continent, buy a toub for riding at the stable, talking to a groom (right click Exchange, see the picture on the right). Then, as a precaution, put it in the stable under cover (right click on the toub), and immediately buy and give it food: move the hay from his inventory to the toub's inventory.
  • There is one stable per town or village (except in Pyr, where there are 3), often towards the main gate of the town.
    • Think about feeding an outgoing mektoub (putting hay in its load - hay can also be bought in the barns). A hungry animal does not advance any more, at first, then it dies...
    • On the road, messages appear informing you that your riding doctor is hungry or has eaten hay.

OCC: Every character can own one or more animals. The following table shows possible actions related to mounts, packers and zigs (pets)

Animal Free to play Subscribed Unsubscribed How to get it How many can have
Mount Drop & Withdrawn items Drop & Withdrawn items Drop & Withdrawn items Every character can buy it up to 1 mount
Packer - Drop & Withdrawn items Withdrawn items Subscribed character can buy it up to 3 packers (4 if you have no mount)
Zig Drop & Withdrawn items Drop & Withdrawn items Drop & Withdrawn items Every character can win it up to 3 pets

Useful Notes

  • There are no mounts you can buy or win on Silan (starting area for all characters)
    • You can buy a mount or packer on Main Land (after leaving Silan) by any Stable boy (right click the NPC and select Trade, see the image on right).
    • Another player can give or sell you his/her animal by exchange of animal special item in the bag
    • Zig and mount Gubani can be only won by playing on the Wheel of fortune or traded from another character
  • You can put your animal into any stables for free
  • You can buy several types of bale to feed your animal while traveling the same way as you buy your animal
  • When riding, a messages appear to informing you every time your mount is hungry or has eaten a hay.
    • Hungry animal moves slower
    • Hungry animal will automatically consume one bale from its own inventory
    • When you put your hungry animal into stable, it will be fed automatically for free
  • Every animal can be killed
    • By side attacks of an animal/NPC that attacks you
    • By a poisonous gas from damaged forage sources or killed animals


Important: When traveling, think to check your tribe Fame before crossing an unknown camp... Because it happens that toub is killed by a tribe:/

  • You can’t sell a Mektoub to the groom, but you can release your toub (pay attention, you lose all its contents), exchange it with a homin.

One can exchange the toubs, as well as the hay (take 8 to 10 bales of hay depending on the country).

  • Price, quality: What difference between a toub at 170k and a at 500k? Its resistance (life points) and its speed, the capacity is the same. So if it stays in the barn, you might as well buy one at 170k.
  • no... we can not teletransport a Mektoub, nor take the Transporter (or NH) with him - whether it is a toub of ascent or beat: we must empty it, release it and buy another one in another stable (same for apartments: it is necessary to empty and free, before being able to buy another apartment). However, they pass the vortexes and swim very well.
  • To free a toub: open the window of the animals (SHIFT+P), empty it (or its contents will be permanently lost) and right click on the correct line (animals window) Free
  • The mektoubs can be killed (starvation, an explosion due to a young driller near a capital, and especially, some Mobs and tribes can also kill them). Better to shelter them (stable, water or other quiet place) in case of absence or urgent departure. A dead toub appears on the map, with a special icon - neither Kami nor Karavan agree to treat them. See these images:
  • The contents of the toubs are accessible from afar: 19 metres - whether the toub is alive or dead. When you are crafting, and are close to it (less the 19 m), you have access to all their contents (no need to move the toub’s mp to its bag).
  • You can buy a toub for someone on your team, bring it in and trade it in. Useful if during a delivery in Mektoub, his toub was killed, and it is immobilized (by the weight of the package).
  • It is not always easy to find your toubs, especially if they are in a stable...

Patch 837

Patch 837 has been put online on December 13, 2020. Modification of the Use your Elyps services. More on Source: https://app.ryzom.com/app_forum/index.php?page=topic/view/31321/2

To resume:

Ability to give a title to your pet. Three titles are currently available but others will come to complete this list.

Animal grazing service offered by capital city stable boys

  • It is possible to send one of your zigs or your mount to a distant pasture. The grazing animal and its inventory are no longer accessible or visible.
  • Putting an animal on pasture does not cause the contents of its inventory to be lost. If a mount is sent to pasture and another is bought or obtained, the contents of its inventory will be moved and accessible on the new mount.
  • The goal is to be able to own several mounts of different appearance and to be able to easily choose which one to show off on.
  • Packers cannot be put out to pasture.
  • Only three animals can be grazed at the same time.
  • The price of transport to or from the pasture is payable in elyps and this is not necessarily cheap.


  • SHIFT+P Open the Pet window
  • /mount and /unmount

Were is my animal?

Tips about find, sort and store your belongings Search and find

  • on compass: (right click on the black compass) put his toub on his compass. Only works if you are on the same map as the desired toub (otherwise it indicates an incorrect direction
  • On the map (M), A Mektoub on map you can only see the toubs if they are not in a stable. A toub in a barn cannot be found using the map (as a team mate who is in an apartment won't be on map). Is it a bug on my interface, a change in some latest patches ? Other see that on their map:
  • A toub near stables

  • A toub in stables

  • via its Inventory (tool filter), we see which country it is from (and therefore in which nation it is located, sometimes that is enough).
  • webapps:
    • BagApp to see and optionally share inventory of toubs (guild and apartment) but don't show where they are. Requires some modules of API key.
    • Ryzom Armory shows you where they are (and much more, © 2009-2019 by SirCotare & Final), need a full API key.
    • Where is my mektoub? (or apartment)
      1. Create an API Key (don't forget to click "never expires"), and
      2. create a note with this key and the URL https://ryapp.bmsite.net/index.php