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Reference text ( Maintained text, used as reference ) :
Notes: (Craftjenn, 2020-07-28)

The WebApp toolbar

Webapps are small applications, which were added later (and which use the game's IG browser). A few examples: the forum, the home page with agenda (that you open with SHIFT+W)... are all webapps (integrated, already configured - below, the toolbar has links to browse them):

achievements icon (yubo points) AchievementsCraft: Receipt book icon Craft: Receipt bookDev RoadmapRoadmapElyps points atys 40px.png Dynamic eventsForumForumsLoreLore & ChroniquesCourierMailsBloc NotesNotepadProfilProfilVersion noteVersion noteOccupationsOccupationsRyzhomeRyzHomeAPI key-icon.png Ryzom API KeySupport SupportDaily missions Daily missions • SpawnPointsRestore.png {SpawnPointsRestore} • | <The webapps that you set up> | • à la fin: Refresh and to Webapps's Home

  • You can use apps IG (In Game) using the Webapp toolbar and/or using a browser (use the homin or toon name and password to login - or use the toolbar above).
  • Many have been integrated into the game, and don't need configuration (see the tool bar above)
  • They are developed by the players, and most of them synchronize (with the official Atys server or a or several other servers), very often you'll have to wait 10 to 20 mn to wait the sync (it can be longer, specially the first use, or with bad wifi link).
  • Some of these apps have different features IG and using a browser, some are the same IG or using a browser.
    API keys icon on the WebApp toolbar
    Most of them requires to have a correct API key - it's useful and handy to create one key for each apps, or to use several keys (use the game notepad to store them).

Useful: to the list of applications tested in 2019 (with links to the official forum).

About login, credentials - More on An issue to log in?

Access the app zone to add apps

In game by default, the webapps toolbar
WebApps toolbar IG
has icons for: Achievements, craft receipt-book, roadmap, forums, lore, mail, notepad, paypal, profile, release note, occupations, ryzhome (Apartment related), api key API keys icon on WebApp bar , ?, then apps you added, and Refresh and the App Zone
Refresh and app Zone on Webapps toolbar
- several don't need any configuration.

The last icon open the AppZone. You can open an app using a command in the chat, for example /appzone 855 will open BM (https://ballisticmystix.net/), or add it in your webapps toolbar (using the app zone).

The app zone in a browser (not IG)

with a browser

go to https://app.ryzom.com/index.php?action=list_user_apps

Out of game (you can access it, even if you are not logged in game, but using a simple browser at https://app.ryzom.com//index.php ) the Appzone icon is on the top right application_view_list.png (add app is for developers). Clic on it, in the "Available Apps" section is listed the apps you can add.

Some app won't need any configuration (once you are logged with a toon on app.ryzom.com), here are the very usefull

from a cell or tablet

Android app on Play Store: Ryztools (v 0.9.1, 2014 june)

From (and more on) https://app.ryzom.com/app_forum/index.php?page=topic/view/29734/6#195590 Fyrosfreddy tested:

  • Ballistic Mystix - Didn't try everything but those I did work fine. Navigation requires some swiping but all good.
  • Molly's Materials - Large database so scrolling will likely make routine usage prohibitive. But good enough in a pinch, tho ya may want to put off working on that new recipe when ya have access to large screen.
  • Molly's Materials - Again, yworks but ya will likely want to put off working on that new recipe till ya have access to large screen.
  • RyGReg - No problem navigating to get what you need, screen size is no more limited than expected for any app . If ya drill down to large member lists will require some finger swiping.
  • Bunny Tools - Everything Works, but will address in detail in BT thread.

API Key ?

API key-icon.png
Every homin and guild can create keys, each key give access (or not) to some data, hosted on Atys servers. Most of the Webapps requires a API key (with the correct modules added). The best is to create one (or more) key per application.

For example, IG or out of the game, you can see the locations and all the stusfs inside the apartment and your mektoubs, using https://ryapp.bmsite.net/index.php (paste the API key of an homin wih the modules C02 + C04 + C05 + animals A02 and A03).

More on Webapps main/API key. See all my API keys out of the game : https://app.ryzom.com/app_ryzomapi/index.php?from_index=1

Some Webapps

On the forum, a post to active apps on the forum : https://app.ryzom.com/app_forum/index.php?page=topic/view/29798/1

Here is a list with some links to the forum

Are ok :

New (trying the forum to help get a updated list, maybe to add later on Ryzom app zone): Webapps list on the official forum and on wiki Webapps main/list - with links to forum.


Several WebApps are pre-configured, merged in Ryzom (and ): Achievements named yubo points too), craft receipt-book, roadmap, forums, lore, mail, notepad, paypal, profile, release note, occupations, ryzhome, api key, ? (will send a email to the teams).


Yubo points.png
list accomplishments and information (yubo points with exploration, skills... achievements) /appzone 2354

Now, you can access it from J (with the link on top of the window).

Craft: Recipe book

Craft app icon 32px.png
To save you recipes, it show the stats too. Later, you can use them to check the mat you need.

Stuff who are KO in May 2020:


Izam (or email) /appzone 27 To send Mail someone directly (added in friend list or not).
  • An email icon appears on your compass when you received one.
  • need a new amp? Dealing with a merchant, you noticed a good crafter name (when right clic on an item to buy), but the /tell says "not in game" (hour issue) or no one answered to your post on boards (on Forums » ROLEPLAY » Bazaar)? Send an izam: no need to have someone in the friend list to send an izam !


Lore icon.png
Lore you see IG don't come from this wiki. But the Lore in the wikis are more updated, see for ex Category:Lore.


Devroadmap icon.png
the Ryzom Roadmap (/appzone 901) to follow the current dev, in test ...

More explanation on forum https://app.ryzom.com/app_forum/index.php?page=post/view/186177&lang=en


Profile icon.png
to add a short bio, language spoken... Other player can see it in game (using friend list on right clic/infos).


Ryzhome icon.png
free furniture offered with the purchase of an Apartment - only sub account can use Apartment.

? to create a ticket

Support icon.png
will send a email to Ryzom support, not to the player who create some webapp (see rather the list on forum to find who maintain the app), not regarding wikis content (contact wiki's admin using https://chat.ryzom.com/channel/pj-ryzom_wiki)

Apps relative to the Guilds

See Guilds.



Deeplist: to improve in-game DeepL translations
New (July 2020: beta version), for the improvement of IG translation (via DeepL).

A bug, a request for improvement: contact Moniq

Missions Search

Missions search.jpg
/appzone 2540, Searchable interface for missions - rather for IG. With a browser, go https://ryzom-missions.herokuapp.com/index.php

Some webapps KO

not maintained anymore

  • Sluha, the merchant
  • The Greedy Crafter Guide (Not updated since JY 2603 patches and mission's reward changes)

other clients

Some players have developed applications, mostly for Windows. [3].

Not to be confused with websites that are associated with webapps (some need configuration for in-game access), or guild forums or other (internet).

On the forum : https://app.ryzom.com/app_forum/index.php?page=topic/7098
KipeeCraft 1.2
Landmark editor
  • Under android, there is a Ryztools app (updated in June 2014).

Notes and ref

image categories

All images should be in the correct category (under the category Webapps on the common wiki):

  • WebApps images, integrated in game (forum, emails, yubo points, craft receipt, API keys...), and stuffs (as toolbars, Webapps main page in game)... only in English [[Category:App]] (under Webapps)
    • if German text inside the image: [[Category:DE app‎]], French: [[Category:FR app‎]]...
  • [[Category:Ryzhome]] for apartments
  • for all icons (integrated app or players ones) [[Category:App Icons]]
  • [[Category:Webapps]] for webapps created by players in English (there's Category:FR Webapps)

  1. Keep your Ryzom account name and password secret (never communicate it). To use for ex on pay for the game (payment profile) - even free accounts have one. About the toons and account, the macros are in a file, named keys_toonname.xml in the save folder. More on Ryzom location.
  2. Request a wiki account: Your Ryzom account is not related to the wiki user account (validation is done by wiki admin, most are players). Usually, we use our homin name (or the in game toon/avatar name) on the wikis (email and password can and should be different than in the game, but you can use the same email as the one in game). When ask for an account, thanks to provide us your natal language, as there's 6 wikis (one is for all images, one is for English, one is French, one Spanish, German and Russian). Wiki account request has 2 steps process: email check then as you provide a little sentence - we use it to know what is your language to create your profile (for your personal pages) in the good one.
    More on Help:Why create an account?
  3. Using GNU/linux, use a VM, such as Wine or VmWare or other.