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Disambig icon.pngThis article links to lists of guilds on the Atys server. For more information on what a guild is, see Guild.

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To find information about a guild

Now, we usually use apps.

Name of the App command in IG chat URL Notes
RyGReg /appzone 1947 Ryzom Guild Registry, an interface to Ryzom Guilds API
Ryzom Armory /appzone 1102 List of guillds in Ryzom Armory, an interface to Ryzom Guilds API
Guild Register /appzone 1349
Book of Guilds /appzone 1960 Role-play version of RyGReg, URL opens the content of the Book, an interface to Ryzom Guilds API

See too Guilds board on the official forums.

Add your Guild in the wiki

See Category:Guilds.

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For some examples, see User:Sidusar/Icons

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