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Continent [Note 1] 

Set of more or less contiguous regions of the bark of Atys. One can travel from one to the other by foot, directly or indirectly through mysterious passages called vortexes. The homins have knowledge of two continents : The continent of the New Lands is the only one that is currently accessible although the old and new lands are still connected by the exodus road or "Oflovak's Road. The Old Lands must have included at least one continent.

Subcontinent [Note 1] 

Set of contiguous regions of the surface of Atys that can be walked through. In the current state of knowledge, the continent of the New Lands contains four subcontinents: Aeden Aqueous [Note 2], the Burning Desert, the Verdant Heights and the Witherings as well as two islands.

  1. 1.0 1.1 The notions of "continent" and "sub-continent" apply only to parts of the bark. The Prime Roots regions do not form a visible geographical entity because of their different depths, which are not currently measurable.
  2. Strictly speaking, Aeden Aqueous is improperly called a "subcontinent" because this large region is actually made up of a subcontinent of three regions and five islands.