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Bark :
Common material. Widely used in crafting for ammunition and melee weapons.
(fig.) : The Bark is the other name given by the Homins to the surface of the planet Atys.

    Atys is a living planet, in the first meaning of the word. Totally devoid of mineral on its surface, it is like a tree that has grown on itself in the middle of space. It is for this reason that the homins call the surface of the planet they live on the bark (as opposed to the Prime Roots or the Canopy, for example) and by extension, the entire planet.

Bark Types

Name Basic & Fine Color Choice, Excellent & Supreme Color. Choice, Excellent & Supreme Color (Primes). Shaft Bullet
Beckers purple blue black Sap charge Damage
Adriel turquoise red white adversary dodge modification lightness
Perfling turquoise red white lightness lightness
Oath beige red white Damage lightness
Mixeti green blue black Dodge modification Damage

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