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This part of Ryzom Team Activity 2021 Report

To the big changes : 2023202220212020201920182017


and patches are always announced on Ryzom homepage (or SHIFT+W in game) and on the forum, under OFFICIAL NEWS.
=== [[Patch 00XXX]] of 2021/mm/dd ===
 {{:Patch 00XXX}}

Patch 00847 of 2021/02/11

Patch 847 - Client v9138 / Data v2382 - Server v1547 / Data v4189[1]

Updated textures

— The icons, UI (user interface) textures, and all maps of Atys has been upscaled by AI to get an enhanced HD version
— The maximum zoom of the map has been increased.

Marauders Fame

— All other fame is now capped to -40 after a character has done the marauder rite;
— A marauder can do missions from the Masters of the Goo tribe to increase the marauder fame above 50;
— A teleport fx has been added to Marauders as for Kami/kara. To display the teleport fx, a marauder must have 100 in marauder fame.


—The list of missions window don't close anymore after accepting one mission (player request : https://app.ryzom.com/app_forum/index.php?page=topic/view/9054/1 );
—L'affichage dans leur journal de la liste des missions a été amélioré.
—The mission journal have get some improvements in displaying the missions in list mode;
— The xp catalyzers have been replaced by sap recharges in Marauder Bosses loots (player request : https://app.ryzom.com/app_forum/index.php?page=topic/view/16215/28 );
— The Forge channel is no longer saved in channels.xml to avoid duplicated Forge channels;
— The Marauder camp in Nexus have now less aggressive creatures.

Updates with Integrated auto-translation (DeepL)

— The bug with colon (:) character at the beginning of a sentence, which was preventing players from writing smileys has been fixed;
— The Guild chat is now translated;
— Custom emotes text are now translated.

The Course

— The upper part of mission journal has been modified and a new feature added : the Course;
—You can select in Daily Mission window to follow the Course for the missions. When selected, a tracker will be displayed and you will be able to know how many daily missions you have finished;
—The Course will be used in future for other features like Storyline, Events, Dynamic Events, etc;
— When you click on the Course, the Mission booklet is opened.

Marauder Gameplay

— A marauder mini campment will be created in each continent. The first one, in Aeden Aqueous, is up with missions to lower the Tryker fame;
— The zinuakeen of the region has been moved to the mini campment;
— Addition of a third skin for outpost drills: the Marauder one, available to any guild whatever its Faction.

Patch 00847-a of 2021/02/12

Additional explanations to Patch 00847 (2021/02/13)

Addition to Patch 847 has been put online on Feb. 13th 2021 [2].

– The Nexus missions are temporarily unavailable. The speed of arrival of the fix will depend on the number of liters of coffee you send to the Dev.
– A title display bug has appeared. The Dev is waiting for you to decipher the hieroglyphics before correcting it. ;)
Marauder gameplay
– The new drill is visually a marauder but does not yet drill marauder OP material, this will be added in another patch. In the meantime, it is visibly succeeding in diverting OP material from the Powers incognito.
Mysterious OP at the Nexus
– Four new outposts have appeared at the Nexus. They are outposts without any roleplay connotation which, once activated, will be used to carry out the tests of the "OP refactoring" project in real conditions. The participants in these live tests will all be rewarded.

Patch 00847-b of 2021/04/16


Friday, 16 April 10:10:00 UTC Atys has just reopened after a maintenance.
We took the opportunity to patch the faction change of three tribes that join the Marauders [3].

Patch 00868 of 2021/05/17

A client patch and server restart took place on May 17, 2021 to implement the following changes, adds and fixes.

New Allegories

Tepsen was right: a jewel engraved with an Allegory can indeed produce beneficial effects on its wearer (see Rumors about kitins). Indeed, the best jeweler in Atys, Loigi Giurgi, has managed to discover four effects that he is now making available to everyone in exchange for Elyps. Namely:

  • Sweet Death: 1% chance to avoid the death penalty that usually follows a resurrection.
  • Back on feet: 3% chance to recover, upon resurrection, half of your life, stamina, sap and focus maxima.
  • Back in good shape : 2% chance to recover, during your resurrection, three quarters of your life, stamina, sap and focus maxima.
  • Back in glory : 1% chance to recover, at the time of your resurrection, the totality of your life, stamina, sap and focus maxima.
(These are suggested names for allegories)
  • To engrave an allegory, speak to Loigi Giurgi at the north of the Matis Arena.
  • An Allegory can only be engraved on an equipped jewel.
  • Engraved jewels are personal and can only be exchanged once the engraving of the Allegory has been erased.
  • The probability of producing the effects is, as you may have noticed, still very low, but the craftsmen and scientists are working to increase them tenfold (the Rumors will inform you of the progress of this work).

OP Refactoring Tests

The four outposts recently established in the Nexus are activated (opened to homin attack). The characteristics of the battles to be fought for their conquest not only differ significantly from those of the "historical" outposts, but will evolve as the redesign project progresses. Below are those adopted for the first phase of testing:

  • Mode: Guild vs. NPC (GvE), where only the guild having declared war can participate in the battle (no allied or enemy PCs on the battlefield).
  • Duration: 55 minutes (11 rounds of 5 minutes).
  • Declaration: Only one battle per week per guild and per outpost is allowed (so any guild can fight, at best, four battles per week, one on each of the four outposts).
  • Schedule: a new battle can start at the beginning of each hour for each outpost. A guild wishing to attack must make its declaration within 5 minutes before the start time. For example, a guild wishing to be the attacking guild for the 9pm battle must make its declaration of war at the earliest 8:55 pm, but before 9:00 pm. If several guilds wish to register, only the first one will be retained, the others will have to try again for a next battle.
  • Victory conditions: the attacking guild must pass the threshold set for it (10 at most) at the outpost it is attacking.
  • Outcome: A won battle does not give the victorious guild possession of the concerned outpost (the latter is returned within the hour to the NPCs who defended it) but any battle fought closes with the granting of a reward.
  • Reward: its nature and size are determined by the threshold of the attacked outpost and are displayed as soon as the war is declared. It is automatically awarded to the testing guild at the end of the battle.

The thresholds set for a given guild at the outpost that will be the target of its next test battle and the rewards to be expected for the latter will evolve as follows:

  • The initial threshold for the four outposts is set at 3.
  • The higher the threshold, the higher the reward... and the reverse is true.
  • After a defeat (outpost threshold not exceeded during the battle), the outpost threshold will remain the same for the guild.
  • After a victory, the offered threshold of the outpost at subsequent battles of the same guild will be increased permanently by one. But if this new threshold is found too difficult to exceed by the guild, the latter can choose to set a lower threshold to the outpost for the next battle.
A guild attacks for the first time the outpost 250 of the Nexus (whose threshold is then for it set to 3) and wins. From then on, it can choose, for its next test battle, to attack the same outpost with threshold 3 or threshold 4. In the first case, even if the said next battle is victorious, the threshold that will be proposed it for a third battle will be 3. In the second case, the latter threshold will be preset to 5 (if victorious) or 4 (if defeated).

Three tribes pay allegiance to Marauders

The First Deserters, the Smugglers and the Lawless have pledged their allegiance to the Marauders. Their camps and missions have been adjusted accordingly.

However, the Achievements for these tribes have not yet been updated; they will be soon.

Enrichment of the events

The range of behaviors that the animation team can make NPCs perform during events has been expanded. Some of these added behaviors already existed for outpost NPCs (such as NPC healing NPCs and grenade launcher use), others did not. In addition, a parent-child relationship has been implemented to allow for more efficient management of NPC groups.

This modification does not affect all NPCs and creatures of Atys, but only those entities whose appearance and play are controlled by the animators via Ryzom Arkitect (ARK).

Bosses Refactoring

The new Bosses are ready to appear on new popping sites. Here are some of their characteristics:

  • All species present in a region of Atys produce a Boss to appear in that region.
  • Conversely, no Boss of a given species will ever pop in a region where no creatures of that species live (so there is no point hoping to find a vorax Boss in a region where no vorax has ever been seen).
  • When a Boss dies on a given site, another Boss, from the same region, is elected to succeed him and appear on the said site within a few days (random duration).
  • The level of Bosses is in accordance with the level of the region in which they appear (thus, a level 250 region only hosts level 270 Bosses).
  • Two Bosses cannot appear simultaneously on the same site.
  • Several Bosses of the same species can appear simultaneously in different regions (such as Armkoo and Armkan), or even several Bosses of the same look (such as Armkoo 220 and Armkoo 270).
  • The rotation of Bosses on the sites of the same region is favored. Thus, you will not always meet the same Boss on the same site, but often another of the valid Bosses of the region.

The implementation of this new popping system of Bosses, started a few days after that of the patch described here, has been carried out in three stages in rapid succession:

  • Step 1: appearances in the Nexus, at a faster pace than usual at first (in order to validate the system without too much delay), then, from the next step on, at the usual pace (every three or four days).
  • Step 2: appearances in Prime Roots at the usual pace.
  • Step 3: appearances throughout Atys at the usual pace.

Atys and Silan in-game maps

  • Map of Atys : it now includes the map of Silan, the one of Almati Wood and the one of the kitins' lair in the latter.
  • Silan map: you can now zoom in on the Ranger's Land, so you can find your way around better.

Storyline missions rewards

Until now, out of the five in-game Storyline missions, only the "Kitin Rumors" ( those about Allegories) and "Nexus Riches" missions offered a reward (respectively a Yubo Allegory and a Gnoof Mount).

In order for each mission to offer a reward, we have split the first into two missions: "Kitin Rumors" and "Allegory Rumors". "Allegory Rumors" now offers the Yubo Allegory as a reward, and "Rumors of Kitins" is one of the four missions that are from now on rewarded.

Thus, the two missions of the Prologue ("General Rumor" and "Kitin Rumor") as well as the missions "Mapping the Nexus" and "Very special necklaces!" are each rewarded by a permanent improvement of the effects of the Allegories (once these are engraved again). To wit:

  • completing 1 of the 4 missions multiplies the allegorical effect by 2;
  • completing 2 of the 4 missions multiplies the allegorical effect by 3;
  • completing 3 of the 4 missions multiplies the allegorical effect by 4;
  • completing 4 of the 4 missions multiplies the allegorical effect by 5.

For example, if you have the "Sweet Death" allegory engraved after completing these four missions you will have a 5% chance of avoiding the death penalty instead of 1%.

Configuration of DeepL

Config Lang deepl 2021-05-21.png
The options for setting up the in-game automatic translation are now available in the "Configuration" window (entry "Language").
  • Ability to disable the flag displaying the source text, for each language.
  • Ability to invert the translated text and the original text in tooltip, for each language.
  • Ability to entirely deactivate the automatic translation for the Guild, Region, Universe and/or Surroundings channels.

Auras durations indicator

  • When an Aura is activated, its icon appears among the Bonuses/Maluses and indicates the remaining duration of its effect (see 2 on the picture).
  • Then, once the Aura is dissipated, the same icon indicates the remaining duration of the inability to activate any Aura (see 1 on the picture).
  • Finally, the icon disappears from the Bonuses/Maluses when an Aura is activable again.


Patch 00874 of 2021/06/01

Client patches and server restarts took place on May 20, 2021, and June 1st to fix several bugs that appeared during the May 17 patch:

Patch 874.png

Fixing bugs that appeared in the May 17 patch

Bugs fixed and previously patched
  • The client no longer crashes when a player writes to an open dynamic channel.
  • The API has been updated.
Bugs fixed by this patch
  • All NPCs display their name and title correctly again.
  • Enchantment icons displayed on items are fixed.
  • Icons of materials looted on new Bosses now display the same stars as those collected on other Bosses.
  • The bug that prevented giving one or more items to an NPC during a mission is fixed.

May 17 patch deployment schedule

Patch elements already in game
  • Three tribes pay allegiance to Marauders
  • Enrichment of the events
  • Bosses Refactoring
  • Atys and Silan in-game maps
  • Configuration of DeepL
  • Auras durations indicator
  • Miscellaneous: shortening of the time to mount and dismount

To learn more about these new features, please see the May 17, 2021 patchnote: https://app.ryzom.com/app_forum/index.php?page=topic/view/31591/1 (Patch 00868)

Patch elements that will be activated in a few days
Rewards for Storyline missions:
New feature not detailed in the previous patchnote: adding of the "Gibbais and Salina" mission which, when completed, gives a permanent bonus of +20% reward for each fulfilled daily mission.
New Allegories:
More details in the May 17, 2021 patchnote.
OP Refactoring Tests:
More details in the May 17, 2021 patchnote.
Changes in the rumors:
Storyline prologue rumors will now be collected using a dynamic event (DynE).
The rumors about Allegories will be removed from the Kitin rumors group. They will now be independent and will not be managed by a DynE. For this particular group of rumors, you will still have to find the NPC who will give you the next one, based on the clues given by the rumor alone.
"What's up?" Dynamic Event:
A new dynamic event (DynE) will be added, the "What's up?" This DynE is basically the same as the other rumor events, but with a few differences:
The NPCs who give rumors are only located in the capitals and the camps Marauders and Rangers.
This DynE is a never-ending one: new rumors will be added to it periodically.
The "What's up?" rumors will be a good way to keep up to date with changes in the game, events or just... funny rumors;
For you to be able to distinguish unfounded rumors from real information, the transmission of the latter only will be accompanied by the opening of a web page to complete it.
After a long break, back to Ryzom, you will be able to continue the "What's up?" rumors, it's like getting an update!
So when you return to Atys after a long break, picking up the "What's up?" rumors collection where you left it off will bring you up to date!

Patch 00877 of July 23th, 2021

A client patch and server restart took place on 23 July 2021 to implement the following changes, additions and corrections:

Adds and fixes

  • Mektoubs of the Marauders' mini-camp in Tryker country no longer defend the players.
  • Marauders' drills (aka Aklareen) set up on the outposts do extract refined materials.
  • The Aklareen'h craftsman (the trainer who provides the crafting plans for the Marauder outpost items) can be called upon by any character, regardless of faction or nation.


Code of Conduct
The Ryzom Code of Conduct is updated as follows
  1. In B. Warnings and Sanctions :
    • Addition of a new level of penalty for major infractions: the one-year ban.
    • Addition of "homophobic" to the list of prohibited words.
  2. In III.4 Multiboxing:
    • Addition of all PvP activities to the list of those limited to two simultaneous accounts.
    • Addition of a paragraph regulating multi-boxing during low game server traffic hours, which states that multi-boxing is tolerated up to four simultaneous accounts for all activities except PvP during #* hours when it is a gameplay necessity due to low game server traffic (22:00 UTC-10:00 UTC, i.e. 00:00 CEST-12:00 CEST).
    • Addition of a summary of the rules of multi-boxing:
      • At times of sufficient game server traffic - 10:00 UTC-22:00 UTC (12:00 CEST-00:00 CEST): multi-boxing limited to 2 simultaneous accounts during PvP, Bosses hunts, Marauder bosses hunts, Storyline scripted events, and tolerated up to 4 simultaneous accounts for other activities.
      • At times of low game server traffic - 22:00 UTC-10:00 UTC (00:00 CEST-12:00 CEST): multi-boxing limited to 2 simultaneous accounts during PvP and tolerated up to 4 simultaneous accounts for other activities.

Patch 00877-a, September 19th 2021

RyZtart becomes the default installer for Windows and Linux

For a few months now, RyZtart, our new Ryzom installer, patcher and launcher, has been in beta testing on Linux and Windows and under development on MacOS. We are happy to announce that it is now the default installer on the Ryzom website ( www.ryzom.com) for Windows and Linux platforms! Installing RyZtart does not require you to uninstall the old Ryzom installer. The two can cohabit without any problem.

RyZtart makes your life easier

RyZtart offers a connection option to your Ryzom account. Once connected, you won't have to enter the password for the next sessions. Moreover, RyZtart allows you to connect directly with a character without going through the selection window.

Versatile, RyZtart will also provide utility modules

With a totally modular design, RyZtart is meant to provide utility modules to add new possibilities.

Here is a non-exhaustive list of modules that we think are interesting to develop and for which we call on all players who have some knowledge of Python programming and wish to help:

  • Module to replace textures by their high-definition version.
  • Module to automatically backup save/ folders to an external folder (Dropbox folder, USB key, etc.).
  • Module to automatically backup save/ folders to the Ryzom Cloud for subscribed accounts (even every account if resources are sufficient).
  • Forge module allowing players who want to contribute to the improvement of Ryzom to automatically install the necessary tools for development, graphics, wiki, etc.

RyZtart using the pywebview GUI ( https://pywebview.flowrl.com), it would also be possible to integrate web applications.

RyZtart source code

The source code of RyZtart can be found here : https://gitlab.com/ryzom/ryztart

Patch 00882, September 28th 2021


A client, data and server patch and a restart of the game server will be performed on Tuesday September 28th 2021 in order to implement the following changes, additions and fixes:

Ryzom database

― The database of Ryzom will be moved to another server. This operation will take some time, thus the patch will have an unusually long duration (potentially taking all day).

Kitin's Lair occupations

― The 4 occupations which gives missives to be executed the Kitin's Lair (Larvester, Medic, Butcher and Scrollmaker) are moved into the Kitin's Lair.
― Addition of icons on the map to display locations of occupation NPCs.

Marauder mini-camps

― Addition of 3 Marauder mini-camps to complete the series of 4 scheduled. There will now be one mini-camp in each nation.
― In regions having a mini-camp, the Zinuakeen will be moved into the camp.
― All the mini-camps get stables and a mission giver.
― Addition of icons on the map to display the location of the mini-camps.

Boss refactoring

― Boss refactoring entering the second phase: The new boss system is implemented to Primes Roots, and Nexus gets a more normal respawn time for bosses.

The next step will be the generalization of the new system to all of Atys.

Patch 00882-a, November 23rd 2021

Fix of the new bosses in test in Nexus - (2021 - 08 - 01)

We added a fix for the new boss system to improve the boss guards.

For information, the reported bugs are also present in the old boss system. To fix this we made the following changes:

  • All guards respawn after 60 seconds.
  • There are 3 groups of guards now, when they are defeated no new guards respawn.
  • The bug with multiple bosses spawning at the same time is also fixed.

A new algorithm for the Prime Root bosses (2021 - 11 - 22)

We just released on Atys a new algorithm for the spawn of the Bosses in the Primes Roots.

This algorithm no longer works with a random between a minimum and a maximum but with a random between 0 and a dynamic maximum

The dynamic maximum depends on the previous spawn times: the faster the Bosses in a zone appear, the higher the maximum, conversely, the more rarely they appear, the lower the maximum.

On average, a Boss appears in a zone every 24 hours, but its appearance time varies between 5 minutes and several days.

Furthermore, the calculation no longer depends on the time of death, but on the time of the boss spawn. If a boss stays alive for a long time, there is a good chance that the next one will quickly appear.

Patch 00893, December 29th 2021

Hot Fixes

― Fixed the required vcruntime140_1.dll file. The file has been added to the folder
― Fixed mouse click offset and black band at top when switching to full screen in OpenGL.
― Added a monitor selector under Linux in full screen mode
― Fixed bad display of some objects preview windows
― Fixed issues with u: in special bag objects
― Fixed crash when FMOD sound driver is selected (FMOD drivers are no longer used)
― Fixed sorting of tribe fames
― Ended 32bit clients except for windows non steam version

Forge meetings

The (most of them are voluntary players) regularly organises meetings with all the players who wish to attend. This is always announced in advance (and on the united channel).



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