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What is DeepL?

According to Wikipedia, The DeepL [1] Translator is a machine translation service launched in August 2017.[2]Although it has received positive press asserting that it is "more accurate" than Google Translate,[3] backed up by their own blind studies, [4] no independent scientific measurements have compared the two services.[5] DeepL converts words directly between English and ten languages: Chinese, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish. Additionally, approximations of language equivalence are proposed among all of those languages, using a two-step process via an English pivot.

Ryzom and DeepL

in August 2019 [6], developers installed the DeepL API [7] to the game "Around" channel. This allows players who are not proficient in several languages to more or less understand each other. (and yes, DeepL is not perfect!)

In 2020, an interface was also developed and implemented in the "Rocket-Chat" conversation system. (

The following paragraphs repeat and complete, totally or partially, the contents of the pages: Chat, Chat/Translation in RC, Chat/RC channel list.

Over the flag, the original sentence is displayed

In june 2020, all is translated in Around, REGION and Uni. In Game, a single UNIVERS - in RC you'll find #pub-uni-en, #pub-uni-fr, #pub-uni-de (to close the one you don't need: use the menu on the right on the channel name).

With Patch 00868 (2021 May), we can configure DeepL in game
Config Lang deepl 2021-05-21.png

With Patch 00905 (2022 May):

  • Automatic translation, by DeepL, has been activated on Team, League, Faction and Nation channels.
  • Translations in the Guild channel are now handled like those in the Universe channel. This means they appear on in five separate language channels. (In a few days)

In Game Chat

Around channel
Translated emotes between English-speaking and French-speaking characters
This channel displays your words to all nearby characters, within a 25 meters diameter distance. The shout command (/shout or /sh) increases this distance to 50m (and changes the text color). Conventionally, the "Around" channel is used for roleplay. The emotes are translated by the game client while conversations are translated dynamically by DeepL software.
Associated commands
The following commands have been added:
  • Sentences in "Around" channel preceded by the ">" character are not automatically translated.
  • Since Patch 00847 (Feb. 2021) the guild channel is translated


Added by Patch 00868 (May 2021)

In game, the configuration

DeepL and Rocket Chat RClogo211905.png

ATTENTION, VERY IMPORTANT INSTRUCTIONS !!! This automatic translation via DeepL is paid for, just like the one around IG. So please, activate it only in RF rooms where it's useful, and never in Universe or faction rooms !

Images are under atys:Category:Deepl


  • Here is an image, showing 3 cases:
  • Dorothee has the Deepl flag
  • Tamarea choose to NOT displaying flags (screenshot taken by someone else, not by Tamarea => Tamarea has Deepl but don't see any flags)
  • Nilstilar don't have any Deepl flag, because Tamarea did not add him in the list. He can't use it for now.

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