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The last editing was from Craftjenn on 27.03.2020.

en:Chat/Translation in RC
fr:Chat/Traduction dans RC
Translation to review
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Reference text ( Maintained text, used as reference ) :
Notes: (Craftjenn, 2020-03-27)

ATTENTION, VERY IMPORTANT INSTRUCTIONS !!! This automatic translation via DeepL is paid for, just like the one around IG. So please, activate it only in RF rooms where it's useful, and never in Universe or faction rooms !

Images are under atys:Category:Deepl


  • Here is an image, showing 3 cases:
  • Dorothee has the Deepl flag
  • Tamarea choose to NOT displaying flags (screenshot taken by someone else, not by Tamarea => Tamarea has Deepl but don't see any flags)
  • Nilstilar don't have any Deepl flag, because Tamarea did not add him in the list. He can't use it for now.