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Emotes are a special subset of chat commands which cause the player character to perform a social action, playing an associated animation and logging a description of that action into the chat window. For commands that do not cause character animations, see special command.

Emotes get their name from the verb "to emote", which means "to show or pretend emotion."

Custom emotes

Patch 607 gave players the ability to use customs emotes:

  • /em <custom emote text> Creates an emote without using an animation.
  • /<emote> none Does the respective emote animation without its text in chat.
  • /<emote> <custom emote text> Creates a custom emote similar to /em but by using the animation of the chosen existing emote.
  • /em <custom emote text> : <more custom emote text>

List of emotes

























/calm Down


















































































/"hard silence"





/"hold on"





































/"no clue"
























/"point back"

/"point front"

/"point left"

/"point right"




































/shut Up









































/"you and me"

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