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Patch 607 released Thursday, December 21st 2006. Patch notes can be read here.



  • A new graphic option is available, bloom effect! You can activate and adjust this effect in the in Game Configuration panel (Graphics, special effects). Make sure your video drivers are up to date.


  • New key bindings have been added to match the movement keys from other games and make the transition to Ryzom easier.
  • The mission window has been reviewed. You can now toggle between an expanded mission list, or a dropdown list. To change the mode you need to left click on the new button in the upper right corner of the "Mission window". If you right click on this window, you will notice a new option 'title bar' on/off, which is used to display or hide the title bar.
  • Contact list should now display the online status of your friends properly.
  • The Guild interface should now display the online / offline status of your guild mates.


  • The object and NPC limits have been increased. In your Ring Scenario, you can now place 300 objects (components and bot objects) and 200 NPCs.
  • You can now draw an array of walls. In order to do so you simply have to tick the "Draw Array" option in the "Palette" and trace a line of objects.
  • When right clicking on an object you can now teleport yourself to this object. This option is only available in Editor mode.
  • Ring interface, when double clicking on a ring terminal, it will not have RRP affiliated information anymore for the time being: RRP author, RRP owner and RRP scenario. As a result, in the player identity interface (P) in the ring tab, the following information is not available anymore: Reward Points (RRP) and Ring ratings.


  • We have improved the emotes system. You can now use your own customized emotes:
    • To write a text without an animation you have to use the /em command (for example /em blabla).
    • To use an animation without a text you have the "none" option, choose the emote you want to use followed by none (for example /heroic none).
    • At last, you can have your own text with an associated animation. You write the emote command of your choice, followed by the text you want to say (for example /heroic who's the best, Alizee or Lorie?).
      • Notes:
        • Your target won't have any effect on this system.
        • This system is optional and simply enables emote customisation. All the emotes currently in game will remain and behave as usual.


  • All one hand weapons and daggers now hit at their correct speed.
  • Dear Homin, are you fed up with your haircut? You want a new look in order to attract the homin you like? The different hairdressers on Atys now have what you are waiting for: new haircuts for each sex!
  • The 4 Race Bosses have been revamped. They are now much stronger, mightier and clever than before. They also have some interesting new loot. Save the raid group, save Atys.
  • The Factions channels are now always available, this means that you don't have to be PVP tagged to read and write in those channels.
  • You can now receive tells when you are in the AFK state.
  • You can now go afk in the water, beware of wrinkly hands though.
  • When turning on the afk mode whilst sitting, your character will not assume the afk idle position anymore. Moreover, this state should not now be broken if your target is moving.
  • When choosing a neutral religion whilst PvP tagged, the PvP tag is automatically switched off.
  • Consumables and OP consumables can now be consumed when you lose the effect after a death; the timer is reset.
  • Consumable effects do not vanish anymore when logging off.
  • Guild leaders and High officers can now set up guild message of the day by typing the following command: /guildmotd merry Christmas.
  • Factions channel have been renamed as follows: 'faction kami' => 'kami' and 'faction karavan' => 'karavan' in the French, German and English version of Ryzom.