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To the public RC channel #pj-ryzom_wiki (talk, organize wikis).


The channels names help to understand their nature. The names that begins by:

  • pub all can see/find them (in RC), and all can write in. Icon
  • dyn are dynamical channels (created IG). Need more information about that for help
  • priv can't be found (until be invited in it, by the RC admin or the owner of the channel). There's several parameters (an X user can only answer or write...). Icon
  • irc- players can write in it (tested on the 30th May 2019). IRC (freenode server) was the old way of contact Ryzom teams. irc-forge, irc-core and irc-support are bridges between RC and the IRC respective channels.

Some are invisible for players, only Team or Project members can see them:

  • t- Team channel (with cloud files access and KB tasks of the Team).
  • pj- For a Project (with cloud files access and KB tasks of the members of the group who work on this Project).

Public channels

RC pub icon.png

Note: with the change in June 2020, all languages are in a single UNI in Game, translated by DeepL. On RC, you'll find several pub-uni-en, pub-uni-fr, pub-uni-de...

Image and table are sorted according to the number of users who are members of the channel:

Channel name Languages Note (with RC's Description) Rq
pub-general2 multilingual erased the 18th May 2019 seems empty (usefull to see who login/logout) - the serveur is up, in archive
pub-announcements multilingual Channel in read-only for all players. Goal: inform in real time about current issues. To inform there's now an event or some meeting, issues or patch...
pub-event-lore EN Info: You have questions about events or Lore? You are in the good channel! Let's talk with Event and Lore teams!! Public.
pub-ryzom-core-forge mostly EN dev on the server side, description, sujet vides Read only
pub-uni-fr FR UNI translated in French Linked to the chat in game, UNI tab
pub-uni-en EN UNI translated in English Linked to the chat in game, UNI tab
pub-uni-de DE UNI translated in German Linked to the chat in game, UNI tab
pub-dev EN Empty Description Lot of stuff in here
pub-general mostly EN Used when reboot the server, empty description The subject shows "server up"
pub-uni-ru RU UNI translated in Russian Linked to the chat in game, UNI tab
pub-uni-es ES UNI translated in Spanish Linked to the chat in game, UNI tab
irc-forge EN and FR dev IRC channel to talk about Forge
irc-support EN and FR for the support To use if RC is down. Read only channel
irc-core EN et FR
dyn-ryzomforge multilingual RYZOM FORGE Réunions Ryzom Forge, onglet RYZOMFORGE (lié au chat en jeu, si on a ouvert IG ce canal)
pj-ryzom_wiki EN and FR Wiki channel Created on the le 13th May 2019. Public channel

Faction and Guild channels

If you choose a nationality or a faction, then you will find its channels in RC, as well as the channel of your guild.

With RC, no team channel.

Other channels in read only mode:

Private channels

RC priv icon.png

Private conversion and faction channel won't be developed here. See Chat/RC FAQ.

Notes, links

On the wiki, some pages about multilingual https://en.wiki.ryzom.com/wiki/WikiTrad-EN https://fr.wiki.ryzom.com/w/index.php?title=WikiTrad

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