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To the public RC channel #pj-ryzom_wiki (talk, organize wikis).


The channels names help to understand their nature. The names that begins by:

  • pub all can see/find them (in RC), and all can write in. Icon
  • dyn are dynamical channels (created IG). Need more information about that for help
  • priv can't be found (until be invited in it, by the RC admin or the owner of the channel). There's several parameters (an X user can only answer or write...). Icon
  • irc- players can write in it (tested on the 30th May 2019). IRC (freenode server) was the old way of contact Ryzom teams. irc-forge, irc-core and irc-support are bridges between RC and the IRC respective channels.

Some are invisible for players, only Team or Project members can see them:

  • t- Team channel (with cloud files access and KB tasks of the Team).
  • pj- For a Project (with cloud files access and KB tasks of the members of the group who work on this Project).

Public channels

RC pub icon.png

Image and table are sorted according to the number of users who are members of the channel:

Channel name Languages Note (with RC's Description) Rq
pub-uni multilingual Atys Universe Linked to the chat in game, UNIVERS tab
pub-general2 multilingual erased the 18th May 2019 seems empty (usefull to see who login/logout) - the serveur is up, in archive
pub-announcements multilingual Channel in read-only for all players. Goal: inform in real time about current issues. To inform there's now an event or some meeting, issues or patch...
pub-event-lore EN Info: You have questions about events or Lore? You are in the good channel! Let's talk with Event and Lore teams!! Public.
pub-ryzom-core-forge mostly EN dev on the server side, description, sujet vides Read only
pub-uni-fr FR UNI FRANCAIS Linked to the chat in game, FRENCH tab
pub-uni-en EN English UNI Linked to the chat in game, ENGLISH tab
pub-uni-de DE Deutsch UNI Linked to the chat in game, German tab
pub-dev EN Empty Description Lot of stuff in here
pub-general mostly EN Used when reboot the server, empty description The subject shows "server up"
pub-uni-ru RU Russian UNI Linked to the chat in game, Russian tab
pub-uni-es ES UNI Spain Linked to the chat in game, Spanish tab
irc-forge EN and FR dev IRC channel to talk about Forge
irc-support EN and FR for the support To use if RC is down. Read only channel
irc-core EN et FR
dyn-ryzomforge multilingual RYZOM FORGE Réunions Ryzom Forge, onglet RYZOMFORGE (lié au chat en jeu, si on a ouvert IG ce canal)
pj-ryzom_wiki EN and FR Wiki channel Created on the le 13th May 2019. Public channel

Faction and Guild channels

If you choose a nationality or a faction, then you will find its channels in RC, as well as the channel of your guild.

With RC, no team canal.

Other channels in read only mode:

Private channels

RC priv icon.png

Private conversion and faction channel won't be developed here. See Chat/RC FAQ.

Notes, links

On the wiki, some pages about multilingual https://en.wiki.ryzom.com/wiki/WikiTrad-EN https://fr.wiki.ryzom.com/w/index.php?title=WikiTrad

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