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Having just emerged from refuge in the Prime Roots, hominkind spread across the New Lands with hopes of rebuilding the civilizations lost to the Great Swarming. Within a few years, a multitude of outposts had been established in the wilderness to protect these regions, provide resources, and facilitate trade and growth of homin settlements. Several factors, however, such as the arrival of Kitins in 2490 and growing tension among the homin races, led to the outposts' abandonment by 2494.

Fifty years later, both the Karavan and Kami offered homins the chance to reclaim some of the decrepit outposts for the purpose of aquiring the precious resources beneath the planet's surface. Today, guilds may either confront each other in battle or negotiate peacefully in order to obtain and manage an outpost.

Outpost Machines

The guilds that control the Outposts can install a drill [1] there in order to harvest special materials. There are three types of drills, offered to homins by the higher powers of Atys[2], the third has been developed by the Marauders and appeared on the bark in 2612:

The quality of the products corresponds to the maximum harvesting level in the region where the outpost is located. Nevertheless, it happens that the extraction goes better than expected or on the contrary partially fails, so the outposts sometimes generate products of different quality than expected. The major interest in Outpost Products causes fights between guilds for their possession [1].

All Outposts

Complete list of Outposts (buildable or not)

The complete list of Outposts, whether buildable or not, is available on the page Atys Places/Outposts

List of exploitable outposts

Burning Desert Verdant Heights Aeden Aqueous Witherings
Blackburn Trade Post Psykopla Knoll Trading Post Greenvale Trade Post Qai-Du Workshop
West Blackburn Border Post Finder's Farm Windyway Workshop Sai-Shun Stronghold
Hightowers Farm Wooky Workshop Fount Porch Trade Post Demon's Crossroads Diplomatic Outpost
Malmont Farm
Southend Dune Farm
Fearing Fen Farm
Berello Gorge Border Post
Twintops Workshop
Graveyard Gate Research Center
Gu-Qin Workshop
Great Outback Workshop
Woodburn Magic Pole
Woodburn Stronghold
Ginti Workshop
Westgrove Stronghold
Loria Stronghold
Whirling Stronghold
Lost Valley Stronghold
Zo-Kian Ruins Workshop


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