Demon's Crossroads Diplomatic Outpost

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de:Diplomatischer Außenposten der Dämonenkreuzung
en:Demon's Crossroads Diplomatic Outpost
es:Puesto Diplomático de La Encrucijada del Demonio
fr:Avant-Poste Diplomatique du Croisement du Démon
ru:Дипломатическая миссия Перекресток Демона
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Outpost Amber
Demon's Crossroads Diplomatic Outpost
Region Haven of Purity
Mat. Maga Creeper
Flower Wisdom

Outpost founded in 2492, abandoned in 2494

Challenge for advanced-rank guilds.

Soon after the installation of a tree-bore in this outpost, a jungle demon was attracted by the Kamic activity and hung around the surrounding area. He was seething with rage for he was wasted by the Goo. A Zorai sage, member of the Company of the Eternal Tree, found him and managed to cure him of his illness. The demons transformed into a luminous spirit then blessed the Zorai, who became a saint among saints. After this miracle the outpost served as a meeting place for Kamists from the whole region.

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