Gu-Qin Workshop

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de:Gu-Qin Werkstatt
en:Gu-Qin Workshop
es:Centro de Investigación Gu-Qin
fr:Atelier de Gu-Qin
ru:Исследовательский центр Гу-Кина
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Gu-Qin Workshop
Region Grove of Umbra
Mat. Tekorn Bramble
Flower Strength
Qualité 200


A workshop which developed under the influence of of a Zorai craftsman named Gu-Qin, who had declared to brave the threat of the Goo. Unfortunately he was contaminated by the purple plague. Despite his apprentices' care he lapsed into madness. He disappeared one winter's night; until the outpost was abandoned a few years later, the craftsmen swore that they would sometimes hear his demented laughter brought to them through the jungle on the breeze. The construction of the workshop was a source of conflict between the Antikamis and the Zorai. [1]

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