Ginti Workshop

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Outpost Amber
Ginti Workshop
Region Grove of Confusion
Mat. Rubbarn Gum
Flower Dexterity
en:Ginti Workshop
es:Taller Ginti
fr:Atelier de Ginti
ru:Лаборатория Джинти
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Outpost founded in 2491, abandoned in 2493.

Sevalda Ginti was one of the most renowned Matis botanists of the 25th century. She was the disciple of Bravichi Lenardi. When the Karavan placed the big trepans in the Grove of Confusion, she left Yrkanis' greenhouse to go and work deep in the jungle. She carried out much research and perfected armour crafting thanks to her discoveries regarding resins. She disappeared in mysterious circumstances.

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