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Disambig icon.png This article is about Yrkanis, capital of Verdant Heights. For the Matis king, see Yrkanis (king).

Yrkanis (city)
Yrkanis (city)
Region: Majestic Garden
Continent: Verdant Heights
Available quality: 100
Altar: Kami and Karavan

The capital of the Matis people, located in the Northwest corner of Majestic Garden.


Yrkanis was founded in 2483 right after the Matis first appeared in Verdant Heights. According to legend, the first foundations of Yrkanis were erected on the spot where king Yasson's arrow fell. The new capital was named after his son, Yrkanis, born in 2482 in the Prime Roots.

Yrkanis has remained as the capital of the Matis and the center from which they oppose their influence on the Verdant Heights ever since.

One notable event from the city's recent history was when it was invaded by intelligent plants in 2549.


The Stables on a quiet day.

The city of Yrkanis, as seen on the right, is roughly the shape of a rectangle that is much longer in the north-south direction than it is wide in the east-west direction.

The city is split up north-to-south in several districts, all named after Matis kings of the past:

  • Zachini Ward : The north end of the city, named after the first Matis king. Zachini Ward holds the main city gate, the stables, the north market, the cosmetics shops, the Karavan altar, the master Florist and master Scrollmaker, the city welcomer and tourist guides, the outpost plan trainers, the Ring Terminal, the Kitin Observer, the Royal Merchant, the wheel of fortune, and the corporals and overseers of the city.
  • Yasson Ward : South of Zachini Ward, named after the Matis king at the time the city was build. Yasson Ward holds most of the apartments and guild halls, as well as the messengers of the city.
  • Aniro Ward : South of Yasson Ward, named after several Matis kings of old. Aniro Ward holds the Royal Conservatory where meetings are often held, as well as some guild halls and multiple trainers.
  • Libia Ward : The southwest end of the city. Libia Ward holds the bar.
  • Tylini Ward : The southeast end of the city. Tylini Wards holds the south market, the ambassadors for all the other homin races, and the Royal Palace. The palace houses the Sage, the Intendant, the Guild Clerk where new guilds can be created, and the Royal Magistrates who grant Matis citizenship.

City Residents

As one of the 4 capitals, Yrkanis is home to many. This a list of mission givers that can be found in the city, for a complete list of notable citizens see NPCs of Verdant Heights#Yrkanis

Bai-Fuang Zhuangi
Be'Reier Dachan
Xatheus Zessen
Apprentice Overseers
Antogio Antorini
Liccio Chiadera
City Welcomer
Liccio Chialdo
Antonni Beni
Liccio Chiachio
Vara Frecco
Cuine Pido
Local Messengers
Liccio Bevaldo
Nirni Ciorini
Local Suppliers
Antonni Benia
Vara Cuinio
Master Florist
Valentina Sinti
Master Scrollmaker
Libri Velini
Majestic Garden Karavan Welcomer

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