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City Residents

  • Captain : Gichi Ciobi
  • Captain : Vara Cuisi
  • Crafter : Sirgio Bedo
  • Fighter : Varo Cuidera
  • Guard Chief : Pigia Rosiri
  • Harvester : Vabri Tinalli
  • Heavy Armor Merchant : Sirgio Fresti
  • Intendant : Chiaro Linia
  • Jewel Merchant : Vagia Mianio
  • Light Armor Merchant : Varo Cuindi
  • Magician : Lini Cinti
  • Master Overseer : Nirni Cizzo
  • Master Overseer : Rosirne Linti
  • Medium Armor Merchant : Varo Anidera
  • Melee Weapon Merchant : Lini Anindi
  • Melee Weapon Merchant : Lini Cirello
  • Outlands Messenger : Rosirne Miabi
  • Outlands Supplier : Liccio Chiacco
  • Outlands Supplier : Nirni Cisti
  • Range Weapon Merchant : Sirgio Cuini
  • Raw Materials Merchant : Varo Ciono
  • Sage : Rosini Signo
  • Stable Boy : Lini Cirinia
  • Tools Merchant : Chiargia Gisti
  • Village Welcomer : Miaro Cigno

Verdant Heights geography in detail:
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