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Region: Majestic Garden
Continent: Verdant Heights
Available quality: 100
Altar: Karavan

Avalae is a city of the Verdant Heights, the region of Atys inhabited by the Matis people. Located in the south-east of this area, in the haven of the Majestic Garden, it is named after a three granddaughters of the king Yasson, born on the New Lands. This city is much frequented by travelers on their way to the Fleeting Garden.

OCC: This city is home [1] for the French-speaking Matis community.

Autumn in Avalae

City Residents

  • Captain : Vassi Cuino
  • Captain : Viccia Gilo
  • Crafter : Varo Gidera
  • Fighter : Sirgio Cirinia
  • Guard Chief : Miaro Ronti
  • Harvester : Chianne Robi
  • Heavy Armor Merchant : Varo Anirini
  • Intendant : Vara Rozzo
  • Jewel Merchant : Vagia Miano
  • Light Armor Merchant : Varo Ciochini
  • Magician : Sirgio Frenti
  • Master Overseer : Liccio Chiania
  • Master Overseer : Rosiera Pedi
  • Medium Armor Merchant : Sirgio Ciodera
  • Melee Weapon Merchant : Lini Antoldo
  • Melee Weapon Merchant : Sirgio Frerini
  • Outlands Messenger : Aniero Anillo
  • Outlands Supplier : Liccio Chiani
  • Outlands Supplier : Pecho Cuirinia
  • Range Weapon Merchant : Varo Frenia
  • Raw Materials Merchant : Varo Frello
  • Sage : Ciochi Miapi
  • Stable Boy : Lini Cuindi
  • Tools Merchant : Lini Frechini
  • Village Welcomer : Rosirne Lirello
The gate of Avalae

Places of interest and various tourist attractions

Market of the City of Avalae

Lucio realized according to the plans imagined by the Greffier Zakarya di Avalae shortly before he disappeared.

Market of the City of AvalaeLucio realized according to the plans imagined by the Clerk Zakarya di Avalae shortly before his disappearance.
Market of the City of Avalae - Lucio made according to the plans imagined by the Registrar Zakarya di Avalae shortly before his disappearance.

Verdant Heights geography in detail:
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  1. After the servers merged, Avalae was designated to gather the French-speaking Matis community. Since then, with DeepL, all the languages mix more easily.