Berello Gorge Border Post

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en:Berello Gorge Border Post
es:Puesto Fronterizo del Desfiladero Berello
fr:Poste Frontière de la Gorge de Berello
ru:Пограничная застава Ущелье Берелло
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Outpost Amber
Berello Gorge Border Post
Region Hidden Source
Mat. Greslin Filament
Flower Intelligence

Outpost founded in 2491, abondoned in 2493 Challenge for expert-rank guilds.

Fortified under the command of the Matis captain Arcando Borello, this border post was the site of may confrontations with the Woven Bridles tribe. The stakes were high, as whoever controlled the outpost controlled the passage between the oases in the north and the arid plateaus in the south of the region. Berello demonstrated tenacity and tactical skill, and even the Fyros barbarians came to respect their enemy.

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