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Guild Amber
Atrium (GM) guild.png
Leader Tykus
Hall Atys
Nation Neutral
Faction None
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Don't blame the contributors, but come and help them 😎

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Mat-oeil.pngAtrium is the guild of the customer support team (CSR, Customer Support Representatives) and Game Masters (GM, Game Masters).

The guild in history:

Rebuilding the multiracial guild of Guardians of the Atrium.
The Ryzom team is divided into more specialized teams, although contributors may belong to more than one of them. The Guardians of the Atrium. are replaced by the guild Atrium .


The members of this guild are in charge of providing technical support to the players, and of enforcing the rules of the game;

Technical Support (CSR)

  • The Technical Support intervenes in case of problems in game (blockage in the scenery, bugs, harassment, etc...).
  • It's members answers questions that players may have (via the /who GM or ticket system).
  • They provide technical support via eMail, ingame (tell, /t) or Ryzom chat
  • They notice and report bugs, complaints, opinions, suggestions from players to the developers and/or the Ryzom Team...
  • They monitor the server, and report malfunctions to SysOps.

Game Masters (GMs)

  • They monitor the players in order to detect possible exploits (cheating) or bad behaviour: insults, excessive harassment outside the role-playing game...
  • They can also ensure that the Animations run smoothly.

Roles and ranks in the support team [1]

They are the entry point for all support requests.
Their role is to handle all requests (tickets and tell) and to answer online.
They have all the necessary tools to direct your request to the right people/services.
Veteran Guide (VG)
Veteran Guides are experienced guides. They perform the same tasks as the guides, they are also allowed to settle conflicts between players, monitor the server for any problems or misbehaviour (see the Ryzom Code of Conduct).
Game Master (GM)
Their role is to take care of tickets that the Guides and Veteran Guides cannot resolve and settle major conflicts.
Senior Game Master (SGM)
They are the supreme (or almost supreme) authority for the server. He settles conflicts as a last resort and takes care of tickets that others cannot handle.

Contact a CSR/GM

Before contacting a GM

Before you contact a GM to report a problem or complain about another player's behaviour
  • Verify that the problem is recurring and, if possible, determine under what conditions it is occurring.
  • Have you read the Ryzom Code of Conduct? the code on the forum

In Game

  • Chat: first make sure a service representative is present by typing the command: /who gm
    • If yes, proceed as with another player: /tell <GMName>.
    • If not (a GM can be hidden, explain your concern in the English Uni channel of the game.
  • Write a Ticket:: In the appzone/webapps bar The "Support" app brings a contact form by email. ( you can also type /appzone1092 in the chat window)

Via the Web

By E-mail

Want to join the team?

Being part of the support team allows you to have more impact on the game than just being a player. Moreover, you can benefit from a free subscription to Ryzom.
Here again see the conditions and formalities on the Forum: Forums » GENERAL » Support team
⇒ Contact Tamarea ( follow the link for her contact information, after reading the article in the previous forum).

Active Members

(Follow the link for contact information)

Support Manager : Tykus SGM.
SGM Aileya (DE - EN)
Boar (DE - EN)
Emiro (DE - EN)
Iribulin (FR - EN)
Jadeyn (FR - EN - DE - ES - RU)
Tykus (FR - EN)
GM Valhoell (DE - EN - ES - FR - RU)
Wrox (DE - EN)
VG Kamdot (EN)

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