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Acronym for Customer Sservice Representative: the members of the Support Team.

In Ryzom, the CSR are also GM (game masters). They provide support to the players, both about the game itself and technically (the application). They also ensure that the Ryzom Code of Conduct is respected.

The “CSR” are volunteers who help both newcomers and experienced players to solve any problems they may encounter in the world of Ryzom. They are the necessary link between the players and the team that manages the game and its evolution: the “Ryzom Team”.

In-Game, they are members of the Atrium guild.


There are several ranks within CSRs, which can be easily recognized in play by the colour of their glowing staves and armours:

  1. Senior Game Master (Purple)
  2. Game Master (Red)
  3. Veteran Guides (Green)

Contact a CSR

Before contacting a GM

Before you contact a GM to report a problem or complain about another player's behaviour
  • Explain the problem in the “Universe” channel. Perhaps another player has encountered and solved it.
  • Verify that the problem is recurring and, if possible, determine under what conditions it is occurring.
    • Think of giving as much information as possible, so, put links to screenshots :) because very often, you will be asked for screenshots: of the Missions window (key [J] ), (if the problem concerns one of the 11,000 missions), showing the content of the sys info window, the inventory or a chat window (depending on the case)...
  • Have you read the Ryzom Code of Conduct?

In Game

  • Chat: first make sure a service representative is present by typing the command: /who gm
    • If yes, proceed as with another player: /tell <GMName>.
    • If not (a GM can be hidden, explain your concern in the English Uni channel of the game.
  • Write a Ticket:: In the appzone/webapps bar The "Support" app brings a contact form by email. ( you can also type /appzone1092 in the chat window)

Via the Web

By E-mail

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