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de:Customer Support Representative/Kontakt zum Support
en:Customer Support Representative/Contact the support
es:Customer Support Representative/Contactar el soporte
fr:Customer Support Representative/Contacter le support
ru:Customer Support Representative/Контактная поддержка
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Notes: (Leda, 2021-10-28)

Contact the support

Before contacting a GM

Before you contact a GM to report a problem or complain about another player's behaviour
  • Explain the problem in the “Universe” channel. Perhaps another player has encountered and solved it.
  • Verify that the problem is recurring and, if possible, determine under what conditions it is occurring.
    • Think of giving as much information as possible, so, put links to screenshots :) because very often, you will be asked for screenshots: of the Missions window (key [J] ), (if the problem concerns one of the 11,000 missions), showing the content of the sys info window, the inventory or a chat window (depending on the case)...
  • Have you read the Ryzom Code of Conduct?

In Game

  • Chat: first make sure a service representative is present by typing the command: /who gm
    • If yes, proceed as with another player: /tell <GMName>.
    • If not (a GM can be hidden, explain your concern in the English Uni channel of the game.
  • Write a Ticket:: In the appzone/webapps bar The "Support" app brings a contact form by email. ( you can also type /appzone1092 in the chat window)

Via the Web

By E-mail