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What is an allegory?

An allegory is a symbol engraved on a piece of jewellery.

What is it used for?

An allegory can have a purely decorative function, display your beliefs (your belonging to a nation, to a faction),
and also by their magical effects bring to their bearer additional abilities.

How to get one?

Some jewellers, usually near the capitals, offer this service. Because of their special character, they are traded in Elyps. An allegory can only be engraved on a piece of jewellery that is worn, and the engraving is strictly personal (it must therefore be erased before an engraved piece of jewellery can be exchanged again).

How did allegories come into being?

The first allegory (a symbol of Yubo) was engraved by Sterga Hamla, in 2608 at the Silan ranger camp following the discovery in the Kitin's Lair of a amber cube lost by Tepsen[1].

The technique of engraving allegories is very complex: the small size of the jewels, the fineness of the engraving tool and the dexterity, precision and skills required to engrave on such a medium mean that, at present, only a small number of homins are able to engrave them. Their allegories allow the wearer of the jewel to display a visual symbol that can also have magical effects on the wearer.

Craftsmen, scientists and mages are working to increase these magical effects (the Rumours will inform you of the progress of this work).

Directory of Allegory Engravers

  • Sterga Hamla, Silan ranger camp,
  • Loigi Giurgi, engaver, North of matis Arena,
  • Ving Mia-Wuan, marauder merchant, maraudeurs camp,
  • Mac'Laurie Lixie, federal merchant, Fairhaven,
  • Pyrus Zessen, imperial merchant, Pyr,
  • Vani Pell, royal merchant, Yrkanis,
  • Tao Ne-Tao, dynastic merchant, Zora.

  1. [OOC] For a better understanding of how the allegories work and where they came from, you can speak with Zin Di-Dao at the Kitin's Lair and follow the thread of rumours.

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