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de:Was ist neu in 2022 en:What's new in 2022 es:Lo nuevo en 2022 fr:Nouveautés 2022 ru:Что нового в 2022 г.
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Notes: (Dorothée, 2022-01-07)

This part of Ryzom Team Activity 2022 Report

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and patches are always announced on Ryzom homepage (or SHIFT+W in game) and on the forum, under OFFICIAL NEWS.
=== [[Patch 0XXXX]] of 2022/mm/dd ===
 {{:Patch 0XXXX}}

Patch 0XXXX of 2022/mm/dd

Patch 0XXXX

Forge meetings

The (most of them are voluntary players) regularly organises meetings with all the players who wish to attend. This is always announced in advance (and on the united channel).



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