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Ryzom Team Activity: 
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Refugee Day Tamarea.png
Date: From April 8th 19:00:00 UTC to , 20 April 20th 08:00:00 UTC

Description: Refugee Day is here with its traditional hunts. .. [Read more]...

Date: April 6th, 19:00:00 UTC

Description: The Chamber of the Nobles gathers in the Royal Palace. .. [Read more]...

Minimarket 2020-01-04 22-02-39 the market is open.png
Date: April 2nd, 19:00:00 UTC

Description: The «Marché des Petits» collective organizes its market on Fairhaven beach. .. [Read more]...

Date: March 25 to April 24, 2022.
Description: Role-playing has always been one of the driving forces of Ryzom, the one we offer you through scripted events but also the one you create every day by making your characters live.

We would like to remind you that your characters are part of the life of Atys and that you can call upon the animation team to organize your own event. To do so, we invite you to participate in a scenario contest that will be richly endowed and whose winners will see their scenarios played on Atys. .. [Read more]...

Trap Jaws Sève.png
Date: March 27th 19:30:00 UTC

Description: The Sage Sap's inner circle is convinced that she will try again to make contact with the Antekamis tribe. Will they succeed in preventing her from being caught in the jaws of the trap? .. [Read more]...

Thumb-Prime time.png
Date: March 11th 20:00:00 UTC

Description: Akilia Ash Storm challenges the Marauders to finish not only alive, but also in the lead, on a trail full of pitfalls. .. [Read more]...

Date: February 27th

Description: The Kuild thinks to have found the perfect wedding gift. Now they need help catching it. .. [Read more]...

Presentation of the suitors 1.png
Date: 13 February 20:00:00 UTC

Description: The Karan Stevano asks the Nobles and Vassals to give him their opinion on Karin Aniro's bride. He has required each of the suitors to organize her own presentation in the place of her choice. .. [Read more]...

Alarms' unveiling.png
Date: 27 Janvier 20:00:00 UTC

Description: Ailan Mc'Kean, Governor of the Tryker Federation, invites the Trykers to the inauguration of the alarms set up by engineer Bill MacBill. An explanation on how they work will be given during this unveiling. .. [Read more]...

Thumb-Panic in Silan.png
Date: 2022/01/16 A hunt is organized by the Rangers to search for contaminated frippos that threaten the Ranger camp on Silan.

Description: A hunt is organized by the Rangers to search for contaminated frippos that threaten the Ranger camp on Silan. .. [Read more]...

This part of Ryzom Team Activity 2022 Report

To the big changes : 2023202220212020201920182017


and patches are always announced on Ryzom homepage (or SHIFT+W in game) and on the forum, under OFFICIAL NEWS.

Patch 00916-921 of 2022/09/23


Patch 00905 2022/05/10


Patch 00894-b of 2022/01/20

Hot Fixes

Some bug fixes and improvements

Daily Missions:
― Fixed a bug that prevented daily missions from renewing after the 20 hour wait.
― Added an icon to abandon a mission.
Puzzle DynE:
― Outside of O.O.C. events, chests give one puzzle piece from one of the unfinished puzzles, but within the limit of 14 unique pieces per week (reset on Monday at 12:00pm CET). After the 14ᵉ piece, they will be totally random and therefore possible to get duplicates.
― Added a message indicating if the piece found is a duplicate and therefore there is no token gain
― Added a counter indicating the number of pieces that will be unique (unless all puzzles have been completed, of course).

Patch 00895 of 2022/01/20

Remedial Patch (2022-01-27)

First and foremost, this patch addresses the fixing of the many underlying bugs that have caused the recent increase in server crashes. We are indeed aware of the decreasing stability of Atys and we are continuously working on fixing the issues behind these failures.

A client, data and server update and reboot has been performed on January 27th 2022 to implement the following changes and fixes:

Additions & Changes

Trade between players
Stacking of items
  • Added stacking for new crystallized spells of same stanza.
  • Added stacking for new crafted items that are not yet worn.
  • Added stacking by lock status.
  • Changed the Wear Out Weapon credit to allow automatic cyclic attacks.
  • Removed the ability to use sap recharge or crystallized spell when in a coma or stunned.
  • Added ScreenShotDirectory field in client.cfg to set the desired path to the screenshots folder.
  • Added lock status for items in Room and Guild inventories.
  • Added a keyboard shortcut (Ctrl+M) to toggle the full screen map.


  • Fixed wrong display of Zigs' status when in bag.
  • Fixed Zigs' inventory missing from the NPC trade window.
  • Fixed moving of items between Zigs' inventory and Room or Guild inventories.
  • Fixed locking/unlocking of items in Zigs' inventory.
  • Fixed incorrect replenishing of player bars when levelling up to a new milestone (level 21, level 51, level 101, etc).
  • Fixed recharging items with sap if they are already at their maximum charge.
  • Fixed incorrect display of damage from AOE[1] spells and attacks.
  • Fixed multiple text encoding issues.
  • Fixed a bug that caused in-game chat channels to mix up after a server crash (EGS).
  • Fixed a bug that caused a server crash when a player connects having a mission that is no longer available.
  • Fixed the PvP store taking all your PvP points erroneously.
  • Fixed some unreachable resources.

New articles in the Wiki

Patch 00895-b : Alarm system in the Lakes [2]

Following the example of the gongs installed in Matis cities, alarms were set up in the lake cities on Thursday, January 27, 2022. An activation of the alarms triggers a change in the behavior of the guards who see their detection distance increase and their detection threshold decrease to a fame lower than -40. Once triggered, the alarm remains active for 30 minutes of play. In addition to this reinforcement feature, permanent guards have been added. Magician guards now patrol the city limits with a normal detection threshold of -50. As with all guards, their detection threshold is reduced to -40 during alert phases.

Patch 00896 of 2022/02/11

A client data update has been made on February 11, 2022 to fix the following issues caused by Patch 895 :


  • Fixed certain items not stacking even though seemingly identical.
  • Fixed too-encumbered error that sometimes occurs when trading items from non-bag inventories.
  • Fixed issues with the display of RyzHome items.
  • Fixed too many decimals in player trade bulk and weight indicators.
  • Fixed missing translation in the Ranger Rite.
  • Fixed incorrect height for NPC/object speech bubbles.
  • Changed item buff icons placement.
  • Removed quantity indicator on items when quantity is 1.
  • Workers have begun placing the scenery for the new welcome area for newcomers to Silan.

Patch 00899 – 2022/03/07

A client data update has been made on March 7th, 2022 to implement the following numerous novelties (and two fixes) regarding the prizes offred by the Wheel of the Fortunate Gubani:

Fixed prizes

The Arma plushie (now marked with a correct icon) and the latest Tryker wig-and-hat (which can now be worn by any homin).

New prizes

These ones will now be won by each roll launched using one of the Supreme Tokens that this patch implements.

A first set including :

  • permanent titles with a surprise wording;
  • new tattoos: 80 of them, 10 per race and per gender;
  • new pets: White Gubani, Capryni Zig and Bolobi Zig;
  • a new light armor: a light one, of which:
    • the low quality one (skin 1) will rarely be dropped;
    • the medium quality one (skin 2) will very rarely be dropped;
    • the high quality one (skin 3) will require more than just spinning the wheel to be dropped;
  • new cosmetic weapons whose statistic are similar to those dropped during Anlor-Winn and Atysmas, which will be dropped all along the year, the look of which you will have the surprise;

New articles in the EncyclopAtys

and all new pages ...

Patch 00904 – 2022/04/25


A client update and server restart was performed on 25 April 2022.

Outpost Refactoring

Changes regarding guild members seniority
These changes, though not part of the outposts refactoring itself, are a prerequisite for managing participation in Guild vs. Guild (GvG) or Guild vs. Environment (GvE) outposts battles participation.

  • If a player voluntarily leaves a guild and then rejoining without having joined another guild in the meantime, the guild regains the player's seniority.
  • If a player voluntarily leaves a guild, joining another guild for a maximum of 3 days and then returns to the original guild, the original guild regains the player's seniority.
  • If a player voluntarily leaves a guild, joining another guild for more than 3 days and then returns to the original guild, the original guild will not regain the player's seniority.
  • If a player is expelled from a guild, seniority of that player is lost.


  • Guild A --> Guildless without time limit --> Guild A: Original join date kept.
  • Guild A --> Guild B for 3 days maximum --> Guild A: Original join date kept.
  • Guild A --> Guild B for more than 3 days --> Guild A: Original join date lost.
  • Guild A --> Expulsion: Original join date lost.

WARNING: The figures below are still provisional and may be adjusted upwards or downwards depending on your feedback.

Changes regarding all outposts

Rotation of materials between all outposts

Outpost materials are randomly redistributed between all outposts approximately every 2 months through a server maintenance reboot.

Changes regarding outpost drills

• Only one version of the outpost drill (which harvests outpost materials and flowers) is available for purchase, but the choice of its model (kami, karavan, marauder) remains possible.
• The price of the drill is the price of the one that was the cheapest of all versions.

Changes regarding the quality of the materials produced on an outpost

• The outposts no longer produce Q50 and Q100 materials, but only Q150, Q200 or Q250 materials.
• From now 12 outposts produce Q150 materials, 8 produce Q200, 8 produce Q250.
• An outpost produces only one quality of materials at a time.
• An outpost located in a 50 area (level 50 outpost) produces much less Q250 materials than an outpost located in a 250 area.
• An outpost located in a 250 area (level 250 outpost) produces the same quantity of materials whatever their quality.

Outpost attacks price reduction

• The prices of attacks on outposts lowered as follows, depending on their type and level of the outpost:
  • FvF attack on a level 50 Outpost: 1 million Dappers
  • FvF attack on a level 100 outpost: 2 million Dappers
  • FvF attack on a level 150 outpost: 3 million dappers
  • FvF attack on a level 200 outpost: 4 million dappers
  • FvF attack on a level 250 outpost: 5 million dappers
  • GvE attack on an outpost (whatever its level) : 1 million dappers
• Prices for GvG attacks on outposts will be announced later.

Outpost battles duration reduction

• An outpost battle now lasts 1 hour, with 12 rounds of 5 minutes each. Therefore, the maximum threshold that the attacking guild can reach is now 12.
• Note that the threshold of an outpost can in some cases exceed 12 (see conditions below). In these cases, the outpost, impossible to conquer, is said to be "blocked" and cannot be attacked.

Addition (in a future update) of GvG outpost battles

Currently, a battle of an outpost belonging to a guild can only take place in FvF mode. In a future update, it will become possible for the attacking guild to choose to attack in GvG mode.

Changes regarding half of outposts

• Every two months (approximately), 50% of outposts will be recaptured by hostile tribes.
• Introducing a bidding period to decide which guilds will be able to attack these outposts in GvE.
• Introducing outpost battles in GvE to take back these outposts from hostile tribes.

What remains unchanged (for now) for all outposts

Outposts not recaptured by a hostile tribe (i.e. half of them) continue to be governed by FvF battles rules.

Creation of cycles for the Outposts

The outposts now work in cycles lasting approx. 2 months. A cycle requires the server to be rebooted to start, and includes the following steps:

1) Rotation of outpost materials

• Outpost materials are randomly redistributed among all outposts approximately every 2 months, at the time of a scheduled server reboot. This random redistribution is subject to the following rules:
  • Each material type (Greslin, Armilo, etc.) is represented at least one Q150-producing outpost, one Q200-producing outpost and one Q250-producing outpost.
  • 4 outpost materials (of randomly chosen type) are represented at multiple outposts producing the same quality. (E.g., Vedice can be present at 2 Q250-producing OPs, Maga at 2 Q150-producing OPs, etc.)

2) Capture of 50% of the OPs by hostile tribes

• Half of the outposts will be captured by hostile tribes. The outposts so captured are:
  • 2 randomly chosen level 50 outposts
  • 2 randomly chosen level 100 outposts
  • 2 randomly chosen level 150 outposts
  • 4 randomly chosen level 200 outposts
  • 4 randomly chosen level 250 outposts
• The threshold of the outposts recaptured will be increased to 23, which blocks them during the first 24 days following their capture.

3) Bidding period

Guilds that want to try to reserve the attack of one or more of the above outposts can use the bidding system.

Bidding system operation

• Each guild receives 50 points to bid. Please note that a guild will have this amount reduced by 10 points for each outpost they own. If guild leaders wish to recover points to bid, they can give up one or more outposts held by their guild by interacting with the new outpost banner shown below.
• The guild leader, or a high officer, has 14 days to use these points to bid for the outposts their guild wishes to attack in GvE mode. To do so, they have to click on the new war banner, located in each capital city and the Marauder's camp, next to the Restoration Specialist and then bid between 1 and 50 points for as many outposts as they wish.
• Bidding will only be final at the end of the 14 days period, so guilds can revise their bids as many times as they wish during this period.
• The bids are secret, only the leader and the high officers know how many points the guild has bid and for which outpost(s).
• At the end of the 14 days period, the guild that bid the most points for an outpost will be granted the opportunity to attack it. In case of a tie, bids of equal amount are cancelled and the system then elects the one of the remaining guilds which bids the most points.
• Only one guild receives the opportunity to attack a given outpost.
• Please note that an outpost abandoned by a guild becomes controlled by a hostile tribe, with a random threshold between 19 and 23. Guilds can't bid on it.

Examples of bidding system

• Example 1:
  • The guild A bid 10 points
  • The guild B bid 15 points
  • The guild C bid 25 points
The guild C bid the most points (25) win and is the only guild which will be allowed attack the outpost.
• Example 2:
  • The guild A bid 10 points
  • The guild B bid 25 points
  • The guild C bid 25 points
Since guilds B and C bid the most points (25) but are tied, their bets are nullified and guild A will be granted the opportunity to attack the outpost.
OP bidding.jpg

4) GvE battles period

• Only members who have been members of the attacking guild for more than 21 days can participate in GvE attacks.
• There is no defense phase.
• If a guild win the GvE battle, it takes possession of the outpost. The threshold of the latter increases to 19, which blocks all attacks for the next 16 days (this duration will be adjusted if needed).
• If a guild lose the GvE battle, the threshold increases to 12, which blocks all attacks for the next 2 days.

GvE attacks of outposts captured by a hostile tribe, when their threshold is ≥ 12

• Guilds that has been granted the opportunity to launch a GvE attack for outpost are the only ones who can do so as long as the outpost's threshold remains ≥ 12, giving them a period of 10 days to do so.
• When the attack is declared, the threshold of the outpost will automatically be set to 5 and the battle commences immediately. The attacking guild has 1 hour to win 6 rounds and achieve victory.
• If the attacking guild lose the GvE battle, the threshold of the outpost will be increased to 12, which blocks all attacks for the 2 next days. The outpost is no longer reserved for the guild, and any other guild can launch a GvE attack for it.

GvE attacks of outposts captured by a hostile tribe, when their threshold is < 12

If the threshold of an outpost captured by a hostile tribe drops to 11 or below before the guild which was granted the opportunity to attack have done so, it is no longer reserved for that guild and any guild can launch a GvE attack at its current threshold (which, in this case, will not be set to 5 as the battle commences).

5) GvG / FvF period

• During the entire bidding period, FvF (and later GvG) attacks remain possible on the outposts not captured by a hostile tribe at the beginning of the cycle.
• After bidding and GvE battle periods:
  • FvF (and later GvG) attacks become possible again on the outposts recaptured by a guild from a hostile tribe;
  • GvE attacks become possible for any guild for outposts still under control of a hostile tribe.

6) Cycle completion period

When the next cycle is ready to begin, it is announced before its launch at the next server maintenance restart. The materials are then randomly distributed to all outposts again, and half of these are again captured by hostile tribes (see #1 and #2 above).

Introduction of XP x3 catalyzers from the test outposts

A new reward has been introduced to the test outposts: XPx3 catalyzers.

Who can use XP x3 catalyzers?

These new XP x3 catalysers can be used by both Free to Play and Premium players.

What is the effect of XPx3 catalyzers?

They triple the basic experience points for both F2P and Premium accounts. This means, for Premium accounts, that experience points are tripled instead of doubled.

How to get XP x3 catalyzers?

For this you need to:
  • 1. Guild attack a test OP (in GvE mode on test OPs in Nexus, and maybe later in GvG mode on new test OPs).
  • 2. Be victorious at this OP. The reward will then appear as an icon in the special bag in your guild window.
  • 3. Guild leader and high officers only: Retrieve the reward in the "Special" tab of the guild window (as shown in the image below) to transfer the XPx3 catalyzers to the guild inventory.
Getting cats.jpg

How many XPx3 catalyzers can be obtained at these outposts?

It depends on the level of the outpost and the threshold reached. (See the table below)
Cats threshold level.jpg
Please note that the amount of XPx3 catalyzers that can be obtained at the test OPs may be re-evaluated based on your feedback.

Terms of Service & Code of Conduct update

The Ryzom ToS (Terms of Service) and CoC (Code of Conduct) update summarizes to:

  • Inclusion of Ryzom Chat and Ryzom Discord to the list of our communication sites and venues
  • Minor corrections and rewordings without actual changes of the rules.
  • 1. In I.1. Harassment of a player or of a member of a Ryzom Team: 'clarification: Chain-killing a character or their animals is considered harassment, unless it is done by attackers or defenders in outpost battles.

2. In I.5. Disturbance of an in-game event: clarification about the process applied. 3. In III.4 Multiboxing: extension of the limitation to 2 accounts simultaneously connected, beyond just PvP battles, to all outpost battles, in order to include outpost battles in GvE mode introduced with this patch. 4. In III.9. Disrespect of the PvP rules > Rules regarding outposts battles: description of the difference between guild-held and hostile tribe-held outposts introduced by the present patch.

New articles in the EncyclopAtys

All new pages ...

Forge meetings

The (most of them are voluntary players) regularly organises meetings with all the players who wish to attend. This is always announced in advance (and on the united channel).



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