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de:Fairhavener Markt der Kleinen en:Fairhaven Little Ones Market fr:Marché des Petits de Fairhaven
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The market is open

Fairhaven “Little Ones” Market is an event, organised by the “Le Marché des Petits” collective, which takes place every Jena year, during the 3rd CA, on Fairhaven beach, northeast of the main entrance.

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Fairhaven Little Ones Market • Conferences: Amp lesson, Armor, how does it work?, Weapon lesson, Jewels lesson, OP mats lessonImages

About the events

Lucios by Jenn

Video, from Heernis : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KiqC8myVp_w&feature=youtu.be

The conferences

On the beach, very often, a conference is organized, about "How to choose" good stuffs. Several homins gave lessons for young (generally, a famous and good crafter).

Transcripts of the lessons are translated and published (see the top bar navigation).

The conferences are translated - here Naveruss, about "melee weapons"

Event dates and announces

Next market 2623 (17th edition): Sat. May 6th 2023. Read official announce.

Previous events

in 2607 JA

Harvestor 8, 3e CA 2607[1] . A Zendae's lesson on jewels.

See announce on the forum.

in 2606 JA

Starting on 0h - Prima, Frutor 18, 3e CA 2606 (Saturday January 4th 8pm UTC and Sunday 5th 03:00:00 UTC ), with a conference on weapons.

See the Announce on the forum

in 2605 JA

Medis 8, 3e CA 2605, with a conference on armours.

in 2604 JA

Folially 28, 4e CA 2604 (OOC: Saturday, 24 August 2019), with a conference on magic amplifiers.

See the Announce on the forum

JA 2603

Folially 8, 3e CA 2603. See the Announce on the forum


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