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There are Armour, Raw Materials, Weapons, Jewellery, Hawkers, Consumables, Stable boys and several other types of merchants throughout Atys. All of them will buy your goods. However, what is sold in one country is not available to purchase in another. For example, a sword put up for sale in Pyr (Desert) is not available for players to purchase in Yrkranis (Forest). While traveling, you may wish to purchase new armour or replace a pick. If your fame is not good with a particular merchant's race, then expect to pay more and get less.

Check fame at Task-bar>Communications>FAME>YOU (Shift+F).

More on merchants or traders

(OCC: all of those are NPC)

  • Most of them are in towns (as trainers, you buy with xp won, see P, on left colon, middle).

Not on Silan (only on Main Land, Atys):

  • Stable boys sell Mektoubs and hay, they are in towns. More on Mektoub FAQ.


Merchants and buy related:


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