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en:User Manual/Mob Levels
es:Niveles de las criaturas de Atys
fr:Manuel de l'utilisateur/Niveaux des créatures d'Atys
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Reference text ( Maintained text, used as reference ) :
Notes: (Leda, 2023-05-15)

This seems to be a list of MOBs painstakingly translated from old scrolls, indicating the weakest at the top, progressing to most the powerful at the bottom. There may be errors because the old scrolls were found damaged. Kitin Observers have reported other ranks not listed on the these old documents.

Avians Javans Carnivores Herbivores Plants
Fledgling Fledgling Weeny Suckling Placid
Lesser Lesser Puny Weanling Tranquil
Gentle Young Young Docile Subdued
Soaring Mild Mild Meek Calm
Gorged Vigorous Vigorous Timorous Sluggish
Vulgar Vulgar Growling Roaming Drowsy
Bloated Bloated Scowling Scampering Minor
Prime Prime Baying Sprightly Budding
Vigilant Scary Scary Robust Robust
Hungry Malicious Malicious Wary Blooming
Scavenging Dangerous Dangerous Gluttonous Dehydrated
Leering Menacing Menacing Grunting Famished
Vicious Vicious Roaring Gruff Parched
Malignant Malignant Marauding Obstinate Stalking
Mocking Hunting Hunting Rooting Rooting
Carrion Prowling Prowling Scrounging Noxious
Threatening Threatening Preying Nettled Vile
Volatile Volatile Raging Vicious Unpredictable
Frightening Frightening Fearsome Feral Prickly
Rapacious Rapacious Huge Violent Rattled
Threatening Terrifying Terrifying Furious Horrifying
Enraged Awesome Awesome Fierce Rapacious
Tremendous Horrifying Horrific Ferocious Prodigious
Great Great Great Voracious Devastating

Primitives Kitins White Kitins Invader Kitins Goo Infected
Gormless Weeny Little Invaders Scout Impure
Dumn Puny Primitive Power Scout Blighted
Quiet Feeble Appeased Great Scout Contaminated
Wandering Young Rapid Elite Scout Infected
Panicky Vigorous Slimy Trooper Nauseous
Lampooning Vulgar Common Power Trooper Stinking
Tough Moderate Feeding Great Trooper Morbid
Barbarous Hard Prime Elite Trooper Poisoned
Foraging Vigilant Fully grown Raider Plagued
Ferreting Strong Defensive Power Raider Sickly
Furrowing Mean Scouring Great Raider Putrescent
Spirited Vicious Chilling Elite Raider Virulent
Savage Dreaded Lurking Warrior Ravaged
Seasoned Master Prowling Power Warrior Festering
Veteran Veteran Enraged Great Warrior Pestiferous
Lurking Hungry Wild Elite Warrior Raving
Creeping Nettled Humongous Reaper Pustulous
Crabby Incensed Ravenous Power Reaper Seeping
Belligerent Mighty Mean Great Reaper Foaming
Frightening Awesome Furious Elite Reaper Revolting
Threatening Gruesome Terrible Overlord Demented
Tremendous Lacerating Atrocious Power Overlord Frenzied
Blood­thirsty Killer Sinister Great Overlord Fiendish
Great Great Exterminator Elite Overlord Lethal