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A Transportation Service for Nations

"To New Horizons" is a fast inter-city transport service organised for Atys nations. The ticket costs 3000 dappers unless your fame with the nation where the service is provided is high enough (45 or more); then, the ticket is free. The service is slower than Karavan and Kami Teleporters (30s vs. 15s), but is available to every citizen, regardless of their factions. The Nation's guards may make it difficult to reach the service to their enemies

Transporters, Fame and Occupations

How to earn Dappers, by helping the service, periodicity...

In each city or village (Pyr, Yrkanis, Fairhaven and Zora, but also Min-Cho, Thesos, Avendale, Davae, and so on...) a NPC Transporter ( NH for New Horizons as shortcut) allows you to travel to other towns of the same nation.

When your fame with the Nation is low, the journey ticket costs 3000 Dappers; it becomes free when your fame in the region is 45 or over.

The service needs help to work properly and rewards contributors : You can offer basic occupations products (those which do not require to go to Almati's Kitin lair) to the service. Then, you can earn Dappers, fame, and faction points (now Nation Points).


It is possible to offer a maximum of 36 occupation poducts per 23 hours.

The following table summarizes the possible rewards versus fame:

Fame Ticket price Dappers per product Fame per product Nation points par produit
≤30 3000 +3000 +0,5 (1/2) -
<45 3000 +5000 +0,33 (1/3) 50
<55 Free +5000 +0,33 (1/3) 50
<99 Free +8000 +0,1667 (1/6) 80
≤100 Free +10 000 -(bug?) 200

How to give occupation products

The products to be given can be obtained from basic occupations.

Occupations products selection dialog
  • Select the transporter, right click on her or him and choose "Hello"
  • Answer "I want to help"
  • Transporter proposes then a dialog, for you to choose the occupation products you want to give, then the amount.
  • If Transporter says "We don't need occupation products at the moment":
    • either you have reach the maximum amount of products that you can give, wait 23 hours;
    • or the service hasn't been sought enough. In this case you have to use the transport service until it accepts the products.

(Fyros, Zoraï, Tryker or Matis).


  • The application (/appzone 2132) "Fametracker" gives the detailed status of your fames, It also includes your status regarding the "New Horizons" services.
  • The application (/appzone 1823) "Bunny tools" includes an "occupations" page wich allows you to write the time when you practiced occupations and used the "New Horizons" services and computes when you can do can practice and use the service again.
  • Fame.

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