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Faction points are rewards that you earn by providing services to a nation or faction. They can be spent back to buy rewards from the faction that bestowed them.

Currently faction points can be earned with the 4 nations and the 2 higher powers.

Faction Points

PvP points ???

Nation Points

Feeding “To New Horizons” company

The To New Horizons company needs food, water, tools, and maps to be able to provide its services. Help it by providing it with your occupation products, and the company will reward you with money, fame, and Nation points. The Company will accept your contribution at most once a day (36 products max.) whatever the nation.

“To New Horizons” prices & rewards
Fame Ticket price Dappers per product Fame per product Nation points per product
≤30 3000 +3000 +0,5 (1/2) -
<45 3000 +5000 +0,33 (1/3) 50
<55 Free +5000 +0,33 (1/3) 50
<99 Free +8000 +0,1667 (1/6) 80
≤100 Free +10 000 -(bug?) 200

Delivery missions to observation camps

Faction points with the nations can be earned by doing a special chain of delivery missions that requires you to take a package to 6 outlying camps. This chain can only be done once per day.

The rewards amount for completing the mission are:

Step Nation points Money
First camp 80 Example
Second camp 160 Example
Third camp 250 Example
Fourth camp 405 Example
Fifth camp 560 Example
Sixth camp 800 Example
Total for entire run 2255 Example

If you are a citizen with the nation, the amount of faction points you get is increased:

Step Nation points Money
First camp 100 Example
Second camp 250 Example
Third camp 500 Example
Fourth camp 900 Example
Fifth camp 1400 Example
Sixth camp 2000 Example
Total for entire run 5150 Example

Where to spend the Nation points ?

Each Nation has a merchant[1] in its Capital where you can buy:

Item Icon price range
Boosted Picks
Sap recharge crystals
Catalyzers Example Example

  1. Federal, Impérial, Royal or Dynastic depending on the nation.