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There are four nations on Atys:

Fyros emblem.png
The Fyros Empire
Matis emblem.png
The Matia Kingdom
Tryker emblem.png
The New Trykoth Federation
Zor emblem.png
The Zoraï Theocracy

The “Nation” concept must not be confused with Races or ecosystems : Nations have historically been built upon a racial basis, but any race may join any nation. Their territories may include several ecosystems though they mostly rely on “natural” borders.


Each homin and guild has a fame with each nation.
This fame can be increased by completing missions given by its citizens and allies.
This fame can be decreased by completing missions given by their enemies.
Each homin with a high enough fame can become a citizen of the nation by performing a rite given by a magistrate of the nation; the maximum and default values of fame with all nations and factions are then changed.


Nation points

By performing activities such as delivering goods to observation camps or giving occupation products to To New Horizons transporters, homins can earn Nation points [1]. With these points, they can buy, to the nation merchant, special goods that are not acvailable elsewhere:

  • Elevation crystals
  • Sap recharge crystals
  • Generic Materials (colors depend on the nation)
  • Boosted harvesting picks (focus and health)
  • ...

PvP points

Fighting an opponent player[2] to a nation or a faction is rewarded with PvP points. These points can be spent with selected merchants in capital cities.


Tribes may be allied, neutral or ennemies of a nation, even in it's own territory. This limits the nation's control over their territories, and makes the Geopolitics rather complex. Accomplishing missions with tribes may have, as a consequence, an effect on nation fame.

  1. [OOC]: The nation points amount is displayed in the identity window, second Tab.
  2. [OOC]: only with tag-enabled homins or in PvP enabled regions. amount is displayed in the identity window, second Tab

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