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Dapper (plural: dappers) is the universal currency of Atys.


In earlier times, all the races had a bartering system for trading goods, the Trykers of the Old Lands were the first to notice that this system could be unfair through intimidation. They soon developed a monetary system based on dappers. Dappers quickly spread to the other lands and became a universal currency and is still widely used in the New Lands.

Dappers were originally made from pearls bound in a sap-based substance. The presence of counterfeit dappers soon began to flood the markets though and the homin high authorities decided to make use of magic during the minting process, which made it much harder to counterfeit dappers.[1]

To donate dappers to your guild, you can either:

  • go to the Guild Hall,
  • use the Apps/MyGuild application

Warning: not to be confused with Guild Points (required for certain operations on Guild Island) and Elyps, which are more recent.


Dappers are used for a wide variety of things, such as buying armour, weapons, food, mektoubs, teleporter pacts, etc. Many players also sell their crafts for dappers, though the more traditional bartering system is often used during these trades. While Dappers consist of Sap, they are also used to recharge weapons with Sap. Every use of Sap Recharge spell costs you also some money, one dapper for each point of Sap.


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