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Reference text ( Maintained text, used as reference ) : FR version (not finished yet)
Notes: to update with Patch 00994 (June 2024). (Craftjenn, 2024-06-26)

Since Jena Year 2602, guilds have the opportunity to get a Guild Island that can be furnished and populated with guild points.
Guild Islands are a novelty[1] of Jena year 2602.

Your guild island can at last receive guests, thanks to the addition of an option[2].

First, find (near one of the capitals) a guild island agent, to visit various available isles.

Once a Guild Island is chosen, we can add easily trees, buildings and other scenery items... Many interesting features (adding mobs) are for later.

You can browse Commons, atys:Category:Guild_Island (please categorize new islands images in this category).

On this Guild Island, an Intendant and Touby (and commands)


The Intendant

To pop other NPC.

The Overseer

The Overseer is able to construct buildings payed with a fee (in Elyps).

  • a chest that gives access to the contents of the GH from the guild island, in the manner of an op.
  • a building to improve the mp of op (from q200 to 250, for example, with a price for improvement)
Chest creation

The Operator

The Operator (Outpost Officer) offers to convert the outpost materials won on the Nexus test outposts into actual 250 outpost materials.

More on Improving outpost mats


No use for now.


In all you will need:

Sap = 5 x 10 = 50
Shell = 5 x 50 = 250
Node = 5 x 20 = 100
Bark = 7 x 20 = 140
Wood = 7 x 50 = 350
Resin = 7 x 10 = 70
Amber = 4 x 50 = 200
Seed = 4 x 20 = 80
Fiber = 6 50 = 300
Oil = 6 x 10 = 60

Use the Transmogrifier to upgrade Mats

To convert Mats


  • If you built a Kami Transmogrifier, you can only upgrade Purified Mats.
  • If you built a Kara Transmogrifier, you can only upgrade Purified Mats.
  • If you built a Marauder Transmogrifier, you can only upgrade Refined mats.
  • If you built a Generic Transmogrifier, you can only upgrade Generic Mats.
  • But you can re-locate it and/or change faction as you wish[3]. This operation is free of charge, you don't loose the building once it was assembled.

Guild chests

Chest configuration. If it's already max volume (Chest #1 and #2), no button to extend it.

See Patch 00994, 2024 June 12.

Inventory : Easily organize your GH (2 chest we can rename)

Guild chests [4] not only increase the storage capacity of the Hall, but also enable better organization.

Chests in brief
  • Each chest has 500 slots and a variable volume capacity.
  • You can have a maximum of 20, built from your Guild Island.
  • 10,000 slots now available instead of 1,000 (see the Ryzom API for chests note).
  • Each chest has its own configuration :
    • They can be named (e.g. For my lovely Chief, LA, HA, weapons, jewelry, mats...).
    • Each has 3 permissions: who can see the contents, who can deposit in the chest and who can take from the chest. For each permission, you can choose between Members (i.e. everyone), Officer, Senior Officer, Chief.


  • If members can't see the contents of a safe, they can't deposit items in it either.
  • Only one chest may be reserved for the Chief.
  • Only Chests that are not at maximum capacity have a button for enlarging them (i.e. from the 3rd trunk upwards).

It double the Hall capacities:

  • We start with 2 free chests, which we can spawn and rename. The first is the contents of the guild hall, the second is empty and available.
  • You can store either from your GH or from your island or near your OP.

However, to build them or modify their configuration, you need to visit your guild island.

Images are under atys:Category:Guild Chests.

Add a chest


Tb guild.png

Guild Points

Your guild can earn guild points:
  • by going to the scouts or hunters and obtaining the list of Kings in the area, and
  • by consulting the blue bones remaining after a king has been killed.
The new official MyGuild app shows which regions have already been obtained (among others).

Build your 3rd chest (the 2nd is free):

  • If you haven't already done so: spawn the Intendant, then hire the Countermaster (and spawn him - he'll build the chest).
  1. Get elements from supreme materials (any ecosystem) from Harvesting
  2. Get items from hunting supreme materials (any ecosystem)
  3. Get chests from elements

Place the chest: go to where you want to add the chest (on your island), then in the Guild window (G), Island tab, right-click on the "Chest 2" icon.

Spawn a chest on your Island

Options, configuration

Each chest have its own configuration. If you physically move a chest to the island, it retains its name and other properties.

The chest must be in front of you, open it:
Configuration (renamed and permissions

2 to increase volume

1: Display trunk contents
2: Increase trunk volume (only available if trunk is not at maximum)
3: Rename trunk
4: Manage permissions

Increasing maximum trunk volume

From the 3rd trunk only, since the first two trunks are offered in maximum size.

We'll often have to use this ⓶ button (image above)...I usually have the inventory open, with the "mission items" filter.

Note: Augments must be purchased one after the other.

Intermediate items (soft/liquid or hard generic mp) are stored in its Inventory:

Inventory, mission filter: and q100 element's properties

So we can exchange them :)

More with arrays

Note: the quantity and quality of items, as well as the amount of guild points required, increases with the number of chests already in place. Here are the quantity tables:

Resources needed to build 20 chests on your island

Note 2: As the guild point limit is currently 200, it is not possible to obtain more than 14 chests. This limit will be increased at a later date.

Source: of June 23, 2024.

Here are the volumes of the 20 chests:

Chest # Cost Guild points Initial volume Max volume Cost Mat quality Cost pieces per type Header text Header text Header text
1 free 6000 6000 - - - Example Example
2 free 6000 6000 - - - Example Example
3 9 500 5000 50 1 Example Example Example
4 16 500 5000 50 1 Example Example Example
5 25 500 5000 50 1 Example Example Example
6 36 500 5000 50 2 Example Example Example
7 49 500 5000 100 2 Example Example Example
8 64 500 5000 100 2 Example Example Example
9 81 500 5000 100 2 Example Example Example
10 100 500 5000 100 3 Example Example Example
11 121 500 5000 150 3 Example Example Example
12 144 500 5000 150 3 Example Example Example
13 169 500 5000 150 3 Example Example Example
14 169 500 5000 150 3 Example Example Example
15 225 500 5000 200 4 Example Example Example
16 256 500 5000 200 4 Example Example Example
17 289 500 5000 200 4 Example Example Example
18 324 500 5000 250 4 Example Example Example
19 361 500 5000 250 4 Example Example Example
20 400 500 5000 250 4 Example Example Example

How to manage chests via the ryzom api

Chest information is available in the ryzom api with the inventory module enabled.

The guild inventory works as before, except that it has 10,000 slots available instead of 1,000.

Each chest corresponds to a segment of the inventory:

  • Chest 1 : slots 0-499
  • Chest 2 : slots 500-999
  • Chest 3 : slots 1000-1499
  • Chest 4 : slots 1500-1999
  • ...

All you have to do is filter the slots according to the inventory you have chosen.

It's not impossible that an additional parameter will be added to allow the trunk to be selected, thus reducing the time taken to load data from the api.

For example:

Source : Patch 2024-06-12: Extended guild inventories

OOC Notes

Access to Guild Islands of other Guilds is possible since June 2023

Complements to this page:

  1. official announcement on the forum and on this wiki New2019. To the discussion on the forum (questions and answers).
  2. See Patch 00952 (June 2023)
  3. For ex, if you have a kami building and wants to upgrade, let's say marauder mats, you can despawn the entire building and respawn it with marauder faction.
  4. Chests were added on June 12, 2024, in Patch 00994. See Patch 00995-997 too.

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