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There's several markets on Atys. If you are looking for NPC Merchants (Hawker, in town User_Manual#Merchants) or trainers that's not the place.

Players can organize black market and mini-markets. All images are on Common, in the Market category [1].

Black Market

Marche noir 2019-04.png

Fairhaven Little Ones Market

Kyriann, opening the event

Ba’Naer Liffan is desperate. Although he has served his best byrh to Ashgan and Kyriann, the mugs are losing their original freshness for nothing; the two trykers are engaged in an exciting discussion.
« The problem is here, Kyriann. When young refugees arrive on the Mainland, they don’t know who to contact. And so, they face the dangers with poor quality equipment. On the other side, we have the resources to make good quality equipment at a reasonable cost but we can't find a buyer because we don't know who to sell it to.
- You're right, Ashgan, it wouldn't take much for the two of them to meet. I suggest we talk about it to Nair-Governor, she'll probably have some good ideas! »

Poster on the walls of all cities and the Ranger camp

Lordoy ad toll, Woren siloy!

We invite all homins to the first edition of the Fairhaven Little Ones Market. This market is primarily for young refugees who have just arrived from Silan or are about to leave it.

It will offer at very reasonable prices quality equipment to help them progress and discover the New Lands. We will offer a wide range of equipment up to the 11th circle (Q 50 to 110) and for all training purposes.

To be sure to find what you need, you can also place an order by sending us an Izam. [OOC] In response to this post on the forum or by Izam express to Ashgan who centralizes requests.[/OOC]

If you don’t have the TP to reach Fairhaven, don’t hesitate to contact Ashgan or Craftjenn, they could organize trek to give you the TP.

We are therefore waiting for you, starting from 8h - Tria, Floris 9, 3e CA 2603* on Fairhaven beach.

Don't forget to empty your bags before arriving, you will leave well loaded!

Ashgan, Craftjenn, Kyriann and all the « Marché des Petits » collective.

  Official Forums [2]

Some of the crafter's names: Kyriann, Ashgan, Craftjenn and Jenn, Caellan, Azazor and Naveruss, Soleya, Ashuleila, Kiwalie, Bastien, Balkhog...


See too Event:Fairhaven Fair.

  1. To add an image in the Market Gallery, import the file, then in Summary paste the code [[Category:Market]] with some explanation about the image.