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Nair Chanchey, the auctioneer of the evening

— To give you an idea of what you can buy/sell there, and the prices —

We reach the cave of the market from the TP of Dew Drops.


The meeting is in the Darkmoor's cave, often a trek is proposed, starting from Fairhaven.

The 24th edition of the Black Market is open the Quinteth 29 Germinally of the second cycle from 2609 at 9:00 am (OOC: July 12, 2020 at 8:15 pm CEST) by Nair Chanchey, who reminds everyone of the rules to be respected to ensure the smooth running of the auctions to be followed.



1 hand weapons

2 hands weapons

Magic amplifiers

Range weapons

Armour and jewels

For the fight

For diggers





After 37 lots sold by auction and more than three days (OCC: almost four hours), the 24th edition of the Black Market is closed on Dua 2 Folially at 1:00 pm by Nair Chanchey, who will meet the present in ten cycles (OCC: six months) for the next one.

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Impressions from our Ranger, special dispatch to the scene...

  • Overall, a very pacifist sale (apart from two or three slaps)... and a nice waste of Shooki at the end of the event (3 barrels destroyed) :(
  • I was admiring how Chanchey handled it! He organized a trek, starting from FairHaven D He announced several times 3 minutes breaks, which very rarely lasted the announced time. As he shouted for days, I offered him a special herbal tea (guaranteed without poison, only with natural products LOL)...
  • I had a lot of fun writing the report (OCC: especially with the surrealist translations)
  • Whisper: I've heard that User:Caellan made a total sale of 185 million !!!

By the way: if you too you took some nice lucios, or you can send me some information about the stats of the items sold... I'm taking D


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