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Darkmoor is a locality of Liberty Lake in Aeden Aqueous.

Darkmoor's environment differs a lot from Liberty Lake’one. It is a swampy, wet, dark area with a slightly different biotope. Wandering in this place can be dangerous, the atmosphere is oppressive, spots of Goo are scattered in this nauseating cloaca and it is the only area where the stingas are aggressive.

Darkmoor is one of the places where these wonderful roots emerge, but particularly obscure due to the fact that these same roots partially cover it; the very ones that will one day form a further layer of the Prime Roots when they have completely covered the bark as we know it.
Apart from the stingas, the creatures have deserted this dimly lit area. Trykers are not much interested in this dark area, preferring the sun's glowing rays reflected in the shimmering waters, and the warm sawdust when they leave their boots on the beach, so they hardly ever go there any more. That is why the Powers have long since turned their eyes away from this place.
It is said, however, that a small camp of homins is hidden there, at the very foot of one of the roots, or in a cave, according to the legends, living in harmony with Atys and detached from the belligerents. The guild “La Bohème” had taken up residence there a long time ago.


The "black market" :
The black market takes place In the cave.
The cave where the Black Market takes place.

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