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Taxonomic Amber
Type Flora
Main Ecosystem(s) Lakes
Aggressive No
Damage Type Cold

An aquatic plant with a spongy stem whose long tubular outgrowths are capable of emitting a painful electric charge. Two varieties have been recorded, the first can be found on the edge of lakes, the second on the lake bed, the former being distinguished physically by its brighter colors. The stinga, like all intelligent plants, will not attack homins unless menaced, in which it uses its electric organs to send out an powerful charge that will slow down the aggressor.[1]


Stinga rum is a favourite of many a Tryker and has spread to the other lands. As of date it is unknown what part of the stinga is femented to make the liquor.

Main Details

  • Naturally immune to Fear.
  • Highly resistant to Acid magic.
  • Moderately resistant to Cold magic.
  • Partially resistant to pierce and blunt damage.
  • Stinga can cast Root spells.

Valued Resources

Stingas can be quartered for:

Exceptional Specimens

A homin looking at Stinkan.


Hierarchy of Species

Level Name
233 Devastating Stinga
146 Noxious Stinga
136 Rooting Stinga
125 Stalking Stinga
115 Parched Stinga
97 Famished Stinga
86 Dehydrated Stinga
75 Blooming Stinga
61 Robust Stinga
48 Budding Stinga
36 Minor Stinga
24 Drowsy Stinga
13 Sluggish Stinga

Unusual Specimens

Morbid Stinga

Anomaly Anomaly.
Morbid Stinga are aggressive and immune to Rot unlike other Stingas, this is most likely due to the effects of Goo on them.


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