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I'm always on the move, collecting items on one continent and selling them off on another, that's what hawkers do, you know. By the way, if you've any items or materials I could use I might give you a little something for them.

Unnamed Hawker

Hawkers are wandering merchants. Every region (except for unusual ones) has several hawkers wandering through it. They can most often be found at outpost or tribe camps.

Hawkers usually sell a small selection of random, low quality equipment. Their main use however is that they will also buy things, allowing you to sell off the bounty of your hunting or foraging expedition without needing a trip back to a town.

Any items that are "sold on to others" at a hawker will show up at the appropriate merchants in that continent's towns (and can even be bought back from them once you're back in town). This also means though, that any items that are "sold on to others" in Prime Root regions or Nexus are lost in limbo, since there are no proper merchants in those regions.

See Merchant too.