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The Hawkers' Guild The Hawkers' Guild OOC OOC
Guild Amber
The Hawkers' Guild
Leader Padger O'Toogh
Hall Fairhaven
Nation New Trykoth Federation
de:Gilde:Die Hausierer-Gilde
en:Guild:The Hawkers' Guild
es:Gremio:Gremio de Vendedores ambulantes
fr:Guilde:Guilde des Colporteurs
ru:Гильда:Гильдия коробе́йников
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The Hawkers' Guild, whose leader is Padger "Pazzy" O'Toogh, is a Cryai (Citizen Guild of the New Trykoth Federation). However, its members accept exchanges with all homins, regardless of their fame in the Federation.

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Members List

Name Seen Area of duty
Ba'Laupsey Derren Bounty Beaches Aeden Aqueous
Nirni Ciorinia
Qui-Le Gei
Aetis Zessen Enchanted Isle
Ba'Neppy Eoppie
Shu-Quan Ciai
Ba'Naer Breggie Fount
Tei-Woo Geoi
Vani Cuiri
Aeps Zessen Loria Ponds Research Center Lagoons of Loria
Ba'Reiliam Gaxy
Bai-Kung Geoi
Xarius Tindix Fairhaven, Windermeer (autumn) Liberty Lake
Mac'Laughan Breggie Avendale
Sigio Nirello Fairhaven
Abylaus Zessen Silt Sculptors Winds of Muse
Ba'Dardan Aeddan
Hon Pei-Ziao
Aetis Boethus Dunes of Exile Burning Desert
Hon Bai-Kung
Vara Cuipi
Mi Ye-Ciang Frahar Towers
Ulymus Zessen
Viccia Gini
Mac'Dughan Garmer Pyr Imperial Dunes
Aethus Abygrian Pyr
Rosiera Pechio Pyr
Ba'Neppy Aeddan Oflovak's Oasis
Deutheus Xaphaan
Pei-Ziao Ciai
Be'Lauppy Cothan Outlaw Canyon
Ligio Gillo
Xytis Krinn
Hon Tei-Woo Thesos Savage Dunes
Ba'Duffy Cadgan
Ulyrius Lyseus
Ba'Arppy Eskan Sawdust Mines
Dethus Tindix
Vara Frebi
Aporius Boethus Scorched Corridor
Vani Cuinti
Ba'Reiliam Eskan
Deusse Xalon Nexus Nexus Minor
Mac'Doyghan Gaxy
Stanne Starinia
Be'Ledacan Garmer Fleeting Garden Verdant Heights
Nai-Da Ciai
Vani Cuirini (1)
Vani Cuirini (2) Upper Bog
Apothus Boethus Grove of Confusion
Ba'Arppy Dirmy
Viccia Lichio
Liangi Li-Qiao Darkening Sap Heretic's Hovel
Mac'Laughan Garmer
Nirni Ciori
Deuron Xaphaan Hidden Source
Mac'Arlly Garmer
Rosirne Linia
Ba'Neppy Enan Knoll of Dissent
Ulydos Zessen
Vara Cuiri
Bechi Chiadi Majestic Garden
Luoi Sai-Fuang
Viccia Gisi
Xyan Krinn
Be'Lauppy Cadgan Upper Bog
Miaro Cindi
Xycaon Tindix
Cedon Lyseus Cities of Intuition Witherings
Ki Sai-Fuang
Sigio Nirini
Ba'Duffy Brammy Grove of Umbra
Ki Ma-Seng
Zelus Zessen
Antoro Antorini Haven of Purity
Ba-Ben Geoi
Be'Keeer Aeddan
Ba'Neppy Dappan
Kungi Qi-Quang Knot of Dementia
Pecho Cuibi
Bechi Chiabi Maiden Grove
Tikos Lyseus
Xo-Yuang Du
Ke-Piang Geoi Void
Pecho Cuipi
Ulydon Zessen

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