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Reference text ( Maintained text, used as reference ) :
Notes: (Moniq, 2020-05-29)

  • I noticed that many young people did not see "Back" (and do not have access to the map of the continents of Atys). :)
  • In addition, the maximum number of markers has been modified, research and events are new features....
  • a Patch (in March 2020) added a command, to hide/show landmarks: /showHideUserLandMark (more on Special command).

See in the User Manual, the sections Maps and compas.


Since May 2019, addition of an Events icon

From left to right: Back (to navigate in maps), ; zoom + ; zoom - ; center the map (on your position, useful after a big fast zoom) ; ? to search  ; Dynamic Event
Below: IG hour and date[1] ; climatic conditions (important for drilling).

The map

You can open/close the map with m or using the toolbar - not to be confused with the compass or radar (you can retrieve an existing landmark on your map and add it to the compass).

  • The map (M) has 3 zooms. To change the view, or use the scroll mouse on map, and/or clic on a town to see its map.
  • To add to compass a direction: right clic on the compass, you'll see a menu (target, Missions, Mark, animal, team... and a zoom for the compass).
To use target: either after a macro, or after a tar (ex: /tar "harmful ragus"), space bar = in front of you (see all keyboard shortcuts by holding K down)
  • The map take too much space on your screen (13")?
    • use the 4 desktops (very often F3 is "less loaded")
    • maintain the Fx key is very usefull, with x=1 to 4 (for ex, to add a 2nd "hand" toolbar)
    • category:Starting Out as a lot of nice stuff for beginners. Patch 2020, Patch 2019.. summarize the big changes in the game.
  • Mektoubs/Gubani and Zig are shown on the map, but not your apartment or GH (add a mark on tour map). More on Mektoub FAQ
  • Team members appear on the map. Not his friends (F) nor guild or league members.
  • We see the resurrection points (rez points) only for the active subcontinent (the one where we are).
  • You can now see the distance by right-clicking on the map.
  • The landmarks on the map are stored in a landmarks_toonname.xml file, located in a save folder (which is basically under a 0 or 1 folder).
  • a Patch (in March 2020) added a command, to hide/show player landmarks: /showHideUserLandMark (more on Special command).


Backup your files: quit game, and zip your folder save (check the date, to be sure it's the right one [2]) :p Your personal landmarks are held in a .xml file - named "landmarks_nameoftoon.xml" in the save folder.

To merge 2 files:

  1. quit the game, then
  2. copy the lines between <interface_config> into target file and
  3. relaunch the game. it will merge duplicate <landmarks continent> lines and remove duplicate markers.

If you want to share landmarks between characters on same computer, then rename landmarks file to shared_landmarks.xml

shared_keys.xml (to share macros with several toons) and shared_interface.icfg exists aswell


In May 2019: JY 2603 patch

to Atys and its Map with links to regions

  1. More on Time ; in order to add IRL time to compass or in chat, search in U.
  2. On GNU/linux, it could be ~/.local/share/Ryzom/0/save